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5 Why’s You Should Make Turkey Your Hair Transplant Destination

Hair Transplant in Turkey: See 5 Reasons to Go

Turkey Hair Transplant is your go-to for that hair loss restoration. Thanks to Turkey’s low cost of living, you will enjoy bespoke hair treatment packages at competitive rates not close to what is charged in countries like the UK.

Many people often prefer to get cosmetic treatment abroad, and Turkey is a top choice country.

You must be sure of any surgical procedure you’re getting through research and GP consultation. It’s not something to be rushed.

Are you in Turkey or planning the trip? If your reason for going is to restore hair loss, the Turkey Hair Transplant should be your clinic choice and here’s why.

  1. The best hair transplant team:

    We have an experienced, professional surgical team led by a top surgeon. Language is not a barrier as our surgeon is an English-speaking expert with decades of experience. So many successful hair transplants have been performed at our clinic.

Because we take time to pay attention to details, we understand our patients’ cosmetic issues, which helps us design bespoke hair loss treatments. With this, our hair transplant outcomes are always successful.

There is no advancement in hair transplant procedure or technology that Turkey Hair Transplant is not properly updated. You don’t have any worries when you come to us for hair loss restoration.

Be careful not to have your hair transplant done by a surgical team with poor experience and no qualifications. As much as you want a standard procedure for your hair transplant, make sure to research your clinic thoroughly and be certain you will be comfortable wherever you choose to go. We offer a zero-cost consultation during which we can tell you more about our safe, efficient hair transplant, so you know we mean business.

  1. Great price and hair transplant package:

    In Instanbul, Turkey, Hair Transplant sits on a good expanse of land and is manned by a highly trained team that will offer you very special treatment for as long as you stay in Turkey.

Our staff are smart, friendly and welcoming. They are poised to provide nothing short of excellent patient-centred care you won’t forget in a hurry.

And, of course, hair restoration at our clinic is more affordable than treatment costs in the UK. This is because of the reduced cost of living in the country.

Turkey Hair Transplant offers a quote that doesn’t put you under obligation to be treated by us. Transfers are part of our treatment packages, but you must pay for your round flights from Istanbul to your country.

The starting price of our package is €2,100, and this covers hotel accommodation, care products, medication, hair restoration and transfers from the airport and hotel to the clinic.

For €3,790, you get a special micro Sapphire DHI hair transplant. Our English-speaking surgeon will be with you for your initial consultation and as you receive treatment to restore your hair.

  1. Full restorative treatment:

    Both total hair loss and thinning hair are treated at Turkey Hair Transplant. Hair grafts for the transplant are harvested from the scalp area at the back of the head, which produces very strong and robust hair follicles.

By using micro motors, these follicles are obtained from the donor area and reimplanted where the hair is needed.

The objective of a hair transplant is to get your hair back and boost your looks.

Patients look forward to seeing these cosmetic needs fulfilled and thus feel driven to give hair transplant a try. Obviously, the procedure is purely surgical and done on the skin; however, with the help of high-end modern tech, less pain comes with the procedure.

As we welcome a new dawn each day, the hair transplant procedure keeps trending. Even the techniques employed in the process are seeing advancement. The most popular is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). This method is straightforward and presents very minimal discomfort.

Interestingly, FUE requires no stitches, and the outcome is very good. So if you’re looking for a Sapphire FUE hair transplant clinic in Turkey where you don’t have to worry about pain, don’t be a stranger; come to Turkey Hair Transplant.

It is also noteworthy to mention that there are cases where minimal pain is experienced after the numbing sensation of the anaesthesia has faded (it is uncommon anyway).

Should you feel any pain post anaesthesia, prescription painkillers can help you feel better.

  1. Post-care:

    Covered by the cost of your treatment is a comprehensive post-care package tailored to meet your full recovery needs. We are talking about care products, medications and support on a daily.

Prepare your mind to meet our surgical team lead in a follow-up appointment days after your hair transplant has been done.

Hair transplants done at our clinic doesn’t come with so much pain during surgery and recovery, something typical for a professionally done hair transplant procedure.

Our patients don’t go through intense discomfort just because they need hair restoration. Most of our surgeries see patients quickly recover and return to normal activities seamlessly.

  1. Treatment outcome:

    Because we care for both local and foreign patients, we maintain optimum hair loss treatment results thanks to our precise and highly advanced methods. Our comprehensive treatment restores baldness, receding hairline, and thinning hairline. We would gladly take you on the tour if you would like to see “before and after photos” of previous hair transplant procedures.

Hair transplant procedure is invasive. Think about it carefully and note that it comes with risks (it’s a surgery, after all). Those below 18 shouldn’t get this procedure. Consult your doctor first before undertaking this or any other medical treatment.


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