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Why Should PhD Students Choose to Study in the UK?

Students often find it difficult to choose between the US and the UK regarding their PhD studies. This is because both countries have some of the most highly ranked and iconic universities. However, we suggest you choose Britain over the US because institutes here offer the best PhD programmes in the world. Here are some reasons why our dissertation writing online experts believe studying in the UK is the best career choice you’ll ever make:

1. No SATs

Appearing in SAT exams is a stressful experience. If you want to get into a highly-ranked university in the US, you should get the best possible SAT score. Unfortunately, these exams are extremely rigorous, and if you don’t score well, you won’t be able to get into your favourite college. The good news is that you won’t have to worry about your SAT score if you want to enrol in a British university because they don’t refer to the results of these exams. However, every university has different selection criteria. Hence, they create their entrance exams.

2. Cultural Experience

You’ll experience diversity in both the UK and the US. However, the overall cultural experience in the UK is more wholesome compared to the US. Students in the UK come from various countries around the world. You’ll find many people from various European countries who speak different languages and follow unique cultural norms. If you’re a foodie, you’ll love this country. In Britain, you can find restaurants serving different types of cuisines, including Indian, Chinese, Japanese, American, Italian, French, and Mexican, to name a few. Here’s a fun fact; the national dish of the UK is Chicken Tikka Masala, which originates from India.

3. The Best University Life

Besides studying daily, students also want to enjoy and participate in different activities. They know Dissertation Pros is there to handle their coursework and submit it on time. Before the academic calendar begins, students can participate in many on and off-campus activities, parties, concerts, and social events. These days, you can also find your professors getting drunk and having a good time. However, you shouldn’t get too frank with them. Some universities also arrange free drinks for students after a series of long lectures. However, remember to balance your social life with your studies. Otherwise, you won’t be able to score well.

4. Global Exposure

Companies around the world value candidates who graduate from British universities. They are aware of the high academic standards followed here. In the UK, people from various regions of the world come to study. You get to learn a lot about their culture, language, norms, and food (this is the second time I’ve mentioned food, I should get something to eat).

Another great thing is that whether you’re a local or an international student here, the entire European region is open to you, even though Britain is no longer a part of the EU. During breaks, you can visit different countries, experience various cultures, and, if possible, learn new languages. In addition, being multilingual can give you an edge in the job market.

5. The British Lifestyle

Lifestyle in the UK has its unique elements. Britain participates in and dominates many sports, including cricket, football (what’s soccer?), rugby, etc. People are very passionate about their favourite sport and the team they support.

The transport system here is unique. For many years, the design of cabs and buses has remained the same. Public transport is also pretty cheap over here. Unlike different parts of the world, Britain prioritises human rights. Hence, you’ll rarely witness racism and any type of abuse over here. Even if such an occurrence occurs, law enforcement agencies are quick to respond and deliver justice.

6. Programme Length

In the US, degree programmes are comparatively longer. You should avoid going there if you want to complete your PhD Degree as soon as possible because doctorate programmes are around 5 to 7 years long. In comparison, you can achieve a PhD degree within 3 years. The length of a Master’s programme is also just 1 year if you’re studying full time. Because global advancement is fast-paced, graduating one year early can give you a huge advantage.

7. Lively Pub Culture

If you like to visit pubs once in a while and have some drinks with your buddies, come to Britain. The pub culture here is pretty iconic. During match days, there’s a huge crowd at pubs watching TV and enjoying their drinks. The atmosphere there is quite similar to what you experience in a stadium. Universities organise pub crawls sometimes, and people have a great time. Students need a break after studying hard and keeping up with the rigorous academic schedule, and there are many options to unwind here.

8. Learn the Queen’s English

No disrespect to Americans, but Queen’s English is the highest standard of English, according to BBC. No matter how much people mock Brits by saying, “can you pass me the botta of wottah” there’s no denying that this accent is unique and somewhat superior. Also, many people find the British accent quite attractive. So, if you are a non-native student here, you should try learning this accent because after mastering it, you will turn some heads whenever you speak.

9. Affordable Cost of Living

Living in the US is crazy expensive. You simply can’t survive there if you don’t have insurance. Even basic facilities like healthcare are not affordable. On the other hand, you can easily stay in the UK, even for people on a tight budget. Cities like London, Brighton, and Oxford are a tad bit more expensive than the rest. Still, you can easily afford to live here if you have the sufficient financial backing or an average part-time job.

10. You Can Also Work Part-Time

Most international students find it difficult to manage their expenses with only their pocket money. They need a part-time job to afford their expenses. In some places, students can’t legally work during their academic years. However, that’s not the case here in the UK. Universities allow working 20 hours per week during the academic calendar and full time during breaks. You can easily make $15-30 per hour to afford regular expenses. While working, you’ll learn many skills that’ll benefit your professional life after graduating.

Britain is the best country to complete your PhD in. However, the education standards in universities here are much higher than in other countries. Students have to turn in dozens of coursework and dissertations throughout the year. The deadlines are often quite short for them to submit everything on time. In such situations, they need an expert to help them manage their coursework. But, unlike the lifestyle here in Britain, most dissertation help online providers are not cheap. Also, for the high price, the end-product quality is simply underwhelming.

So, what should you do? Well, if you want an expert to write your dissertations for a low price, you should only choose our dissertation writing online service. PhD Dissertation’s highly experienced academic experts will help you score the best possible grades and deliver your work on time.


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