Why is SMS So Effective at Promoting Action

Why is SMS So Effective at Promoting Action?

No matter what SMS you receive, a friend telling you about their day, or a reminder for the electricity bill by the electricity company, in both cases you would have seen the text within 120 seconds and read it whole.  Also, you would have replied if needed.

Research shows that in a span of 15 years, the average human attention span has diminished from 12 sec to 8 sec. This is why short messages and text attract more of the consumer’s attention.

The reason is that SMS is more effective than any other communication. We are generally more comfortable giving our phone number than our email ID. When we are ready to hear from the sender we share our phone numbers and receive the messages. To protect the consumers against unsolicited text message marketing.

SMS cuts through

Researches show that a strong uptake is seen in businesses when an SMS Gateway strategy is used it brings up action by the customers. Surveys show that people have accepted that they were able to attend the seminars, appointments, or other applications that they would have forgotten if there were no reminders. 58% of people were able to pay their due bills and payment on time. 56% of visitors increased in Stores and on online websites. Generally, the SMS inbox is not cluttered with as many marketing messages per day. While SMS marketing campaigns are on the uptake. This way it delivers a High open rate percentage up to 98%. Most of the SMS is opened within 90 seconds. Response rate as compared to email is 8 times more. 85% of adults own a smartphone. Text-enabled phones are available when about 5.25 B people

Let’s understand some effective SMS marketing tips and examples of prompting action.

SMS for abandoned cart recovery


E-Commerce cart abandonment is the most common problem of online selling. Research made by Baymard Institute analyzed over 44 different reasons for about 70% of cart abandonment. The research confirms that e-commerce brands can get up to $260 B  from abandoned orders through checkout optimization.

Usually, a buyer creates an account under his name for online shopping. He surfs and looks at various products and adds them to his cart usually for a review before purchase. Later due to some reason he. Exits the website or app. Then forgets about his remaining purchase process.

After a while, they receive personalized text messages about the items in their abandoned cart. This message motivates them and prompts them to make the purchase. They may also get an incentive of a discount or free shipping if they take action within a time frame.

This personalized message is clear, concise, and has incentives with a clear call to action. It takes not more than a second to take the action and it’s instantly attention-grabbing because it has the name of the recipient. The message is effective because customers had their recent shopping with the same store.

The shopper easily revisits their cart, reviews the items to be purchased, and makes the purchase instantly by using the provided link. This method helps them to make a purchase no matter where they are, buyers surely act on the impulse to utilize the discount coupon.

SMS appointment reminders

Generally, business averages are 10-15% no-shows, but this can go as high as 80%. This data includes all sorts of industries, even healthcare. This can also transform to bring higher profits for most businesses. Lowering no-shows to a business must be prioritized. There can be a negative impact of no-shows in other cases. There are negative impacts of no-shows in various areas like overstaffing and client loyalty.

The solution for this is a simple text reminder automation. It helps to increase attendant rates for future appointments. With added automation both objectives are met, time-saving, ensuring client happiness, and better bottom lines.

When an appointment is Booked and gets logged in the business‘ online calendar. An automated reminder is sent at a preset time before the appointment to remind the client about it. It contains an option to confirm reschedule or cancel.

The message is personalized as it addresses the client with his / her name. Information about the appointment is presented clearly. This is why canceling via SMS is so effortless, recipients are more likely to do so as the need for phone calls has vanished. Also, Human interaction is not there which will appeal to even the most anxious of absentees.

Since giving a cancellation option in the message will not be ideal. The best that can be done is to choose a slot for the next appointment. The same can be used for staff scheduling. A text message can be sent to the employees so that they can manage upcoming shifts. A seamless and straightforward question will help you to keep both the employees and consumers happy.

SMS for internal staff reminders

Time and money apply to all businesses. Time wasted means money wasted. There is no reason for you to wait for your staff to update the timesheets or need to manually ensure that everyone has updated the HR policy. Waiting for teams to complete an action is time-consuming, frustrating, and costly.

Multiple methods are available for using SMS automation for internal staff.

Suppose, there is a contact database for 300 employees at your business.now you need that all employees acknowledge that their details in the database are correct, if not they provide the updated information.

This can be done via email by sending them the link. However, this process may take time. Also, there are chances that the email gets in the spam files and does not reach the employees.

The other option is SMS. It can be used to send them a quick reminder with a direct link. All you need to do is export employee data to a spreadsheet and upload that to MMS format and send them.

Thus, with the use of SMS marketing platforms and SMS automation software, it is easy to monitor spam.


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