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What you should know about spice racks

If you love to add all kinds of aromas to a dish you cook, you will surely need a container to store them. A spice rack might be right for you. They are not just accessories. They are functional and able to take advantage of the available space.

They have a great capacity for furnishing because with their careful colors and shapes, they become a decorative as well as a practical accessory to be displayed. In this guide you will find a lot of useful information, advice and the most important characteristics to take into account in order to choose the best spice racks.


  • Spices are a practical and functional kitchen accessory that should always be close at hand during culinary preparations.
  • When buying spice racks, you will see that there are all kinds. Some require a lot of space or assembly.
  • You must take into account both the material and the installation of the spice rack. Both have an effect on your durability.

VonShef 2-Tier Spice Rack

This spice rack is economical and simple, but it has a large capacity due to its 2 wide floors. It is made of chromed iron and its structure allows easy placement as a wall or cabinet spice rack. It is a suitable option if you need to reorganize your kitchen and you have a large amount of spices.

This condiment rack stands out because it’s practical. It requires quite a bit of space on your kitchen wall, but has good storage capacity.

Editorial evaluation: With this spice rack you can have all your spices in sight and at your fingertips to make your cooking task easier, since it has good storage space.

BUYGOO Rotating Kitchen Spice Rack

Easily access your spices while maintaining order and without taking up much space, this revolving spice rack allows you to store up to 12 spices in its different glass jars, which also have a spray lid to make it easier to season your food.

This spice rack has a modern and practical design. The rotating spice rack is made of stainless steel with a smooth surface and the glass jars are made of glass with a stainless steel cover. The measurements of the shelf are 17 x 23.5 cm and of the jars 5 x 10 cm

Editorial review: This spice rack is not only highly functional, as you can easily reach any spice by turning, but it also adds elegance and professional design to your kitchen.

360° Rotating Spice Rack with 12 Spice Jars – Airtight Jars

This Dnkelar brand kitchen wine rack set is made of stainless steel and has two spacious levels. It also has side space with hooks for kitchen utensils. It is an economical and comfortable model, since it hardly needs assembly and installation. The shelf is versatile due to its dimensions and thick, resistant material.

It guarantees a resistance of up to 35 kilos of weight. It is a modern spice rack with a bottle rack made of waterproof and stainless materials. If you are fond of cooking and enjoying a good wine, it is perfect.

Editorial review: This spice rack is ideal not only for your spice jars, but also for keeping your bottled condiments close at hand

Shopping guide:

Spice racks are an essential element in the kitchen. Optimizing storage and achieving the best intuitive organization in the kitchen is a major headache that spice racks can help you solve. Next, we will solve the most frequent doubts about this article.

What are spice racks and what advantages do they have?

Spice racks are a shelf or drawer used to store spices. This piece of furniture is a very practical solution for the effective storage of the spice jars that you use in your kitchen.

Spice racks are a handy way to make cooking easier, providing all the information you need at a glance. By using this condiment rack you will avoid problems remembering where each spice jar is and you will be able to make better use of your furniture space. They help you avoid confusing the jar when seasoning your recipe and contribute to the good preservation of spices.


  • Storage optimization.
  • Speed ​​in the selection of my spices.
  • Give style and character to your decoration.
  • Avoid confusion.


  • It can be difficult to find the perfect place to place your spice rack.

What types of spices are there?

There are many varieties of spices. The typology varies in shape, material, dimensions and design. Although we have a preference for a specific type of spice rack, it may not be the most suitable for your needs, so it is advisable to consider all types.

Wall or cupboard spice racks

Just like sink cabinets, these shelves are the most common because they are very practical and fit into any kitchen. They are designed to clear countertops and get more work space. They require assembly for their correct placement.

  • shelves
  • individual
  • pendants
  • magnetic
  • adhesives

Vertical or countertop spice racks

These spice racks are the most comfortable. They offer easy and quick access to kitchen utensils apart from spice racks. They usually have loose dimensions so they can be used to place oil bottles, large spice jars and other jars.

  • in square tower
  • In rectangular tower
  • Rotating spice racks
  • classic cabinets

Spice racks for drawers

These spice racks are very practical when you don’t have a lot of wall space in the kitchen. The spice racks for drawers occupy the space of the drawer, staggering the space. Some models overlap the compartments.

  • staggered
  • in compartments

What spice jars preserve best?

One of the materials used by the highest quality spice racks is glass or crystal. The translucent material favors the identification of the spices, the airtight jars preserve even better. Glass or glass spice racks preserve the smell and flavor of spices very well without degradation of the jar.

The other option for the optimal preservation of condiments is ceramic spice racks. This solution has the same characteristics as the previous ones, although it is a delicate material and it is not transparent. Aluminum or stainless steel metal materials are very durable, but they are not the best for condiment jars.

Which spice jars should I avoid?

The cheapest spice jars are made of plastic, but this material is flimsy and can even contaminate the condiments if they get too hot. If spice jars made of another material are not available, plastic spice racks should be placed away from high-temperature areas such as stoves.

Other hazardous materials for spice racks are metals. The most common option is stainless steel, this material is made up of iron, carbon and chrome and does not suffer from corrosion or oxidation.

Purchase criteria

Kitchen spice racks must meet certain criteria. In this section of our article we explain essential criteria for choosing your spice rack. They are related to the safety, installation or quality of this piece of furniture and can be of great help in choosing your spice rack.


The plastic spice rack presents a certain risk, since we normally place our rack next to the stove. Plastic is a material that can degrade when placed permanently next to heat.

Metal spice racks are also quite popular. It’s very tough. The biggest problem is that it can get hot or oxidize. These kitchen spice racks are usually made of materials such as stainless steel, but it is advisable to check it before making a purchase.

Finally, wooden spice racks are widely used due to their characteristic robustness. It is important to note that certain types of wood can be combustible.


Shelves or pull-out modules for kitchen cabinets can be the most complicated. With a little DIY knowledge you won’t need much help, although there are always ideal guides on YouTube.

Hanging spice racks are the most convenient installation option. You just have to take into account the width and thickness of the support hooks. On the other hand, adhesive spice racks are quite simple. This option requires strong adhesive strips, glue or furniture glue.

Finally, magnetic spice racks are usually made up of a set of jars with a magnet and a metal shelf or tray. In these cases we must check that the power of the magnet is adequate for our needs. It is advisable to check that the spice racks are hermetic or that they close correctly.

Additional functions

A very popular option is to use the shelves of wall-mounted spice racks to hold books. On the other hand, the magnetic spice racks, when used as a magnet, suppose the subjection of other objects such as notes or kitchenware.

Spice racks can be used to add an elegant touch to your garden. Metal or wooden condiment racks are usually hard to break and resistant to rust or heat. Therefore, they are an ideal shelf to hold small pots or garden tools.


Normally, condiments come in very varied formats such as sachets, cans, jars or jars. Standard jars for spices and herbs are around 30, 50, and 100 grams. Some condiment jars exceed 250 grams and others have flat or elongated shapes. There are 1000 gram refillable jars in some traditional kitchens. Many 1L spice shakers have a 11cm wide base and 100g shakers can be around 7cm wide.

The most common jars are 50 grams. Individual and revolving wall-mounted spice racks are usually around these measurements per hole. On the other hand, shelf-type countertop spice racks usually exceed this measurement. On the other hand, take into account other kitchen items that you may want to keep in the spice rack, such as the oil bottle.


The choice of a kitchen spice rack should be based on the needs of capacity, dimensions and personal taste of each one. It is a very versatile, comfortable, resistant and useful piece of furniture if you have storage needs.

Condiments, herbs and spices need good conservation even though they are very durable. The spice racks have to be robust and resistant to rust and heat. Finally, your spice jars should be transparent and it is highly recommended to avoid plastic.



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