Gummy Smile

What to Know About Gummy Smile Surgery?

Doctors discover treatments for various physical and mental issues as medical science improves. Surgeries are one of them. Surgeries are more likely a procedure that takes more time. There are multiple surgeries for the face, body, injury, etc.

But now, there are surgeries for your smile makeover. Various types of surgeries improve the smile and take it to a better position. One of the treatments is the gummy smile treatment.

People who have a gummy smile can go through this surgery, and the surgeons will fix their gummy smile and make it look more attractive.

Gummy smile treatment in Mumbai is getting popular, as Indian people are becoming concerned about their appearance daily. People who are unhappy with any body part or anything can fix it with the help of medical science.

However, gummy smile surgeries vary into different categories. This blog will work as a piece of detailed information for gummy smiles and their treatments.

Gummy smile

A gummy smile is a medical condition characterised by an excessive display of gum tissue when smiling. This can be due to excess gingival tissue or excessive movement of the lips or cheeks. It can be caused by several factors such as genetics, poor oral hygiene, and age. A gummy smile can be treated through various methods such as surgery, orthodontics, and laser treatment. If you can observe 3 to 4 millimetres of exposed tooth enamel, that will be classified as a gummy smile.

Reasons behind the gummy smile

Gum tissue:

excessive gum tissue production is the main factor behind a gummy smile. as a gummy smile is more about the gum and less about the smile. When a person has more gum tissue than a natural person’s gum tissue, it results in a gummy smile.


people who have an overgrowth of their jawbone may result in a gummy smile. This is a genetic disorder where the jawbone is more significant than an average person.

Hyperactive upper lip:

there is a bone that connects our nose and upper lip. When that bone is too active while speaking, smiling, or laughing, the gum is visible more than usual, which is considered a gummy smile.

Thinner upper lip:

our upper and lower lip is structured so that they can cover both the upper and lower gum lines. Usually, our lower lip is thicker than our upper lip. But some people have thinner upper lips, which stops the gum covering, and the gums are more visible. This is one of the reasons for a gummy smile.

Shorter teeth:

shorter teeth are also a genetic disorder in people with shorter teeth than usual. There can be two reasons behind their shorter teeth. One is that half of the teeth are covered under the gum, and the other is that their teeth are naturally this short.

This problem is also the reason behind a gummy smile and is considered one of the common reasons.

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Explore their website on the internet, and you will get all the required information for your treatment and contact them to book a session. Also, they have specialised and experienced doctors who will take care of your oral and dental health. That means you get surgeries and your dental specialist in just one clinic.

Surgeries for gummy smile treatment in Mumbai

 Lip surgery:

this can fix the hyperactive upper lip. This procedure allows the hyperactive upper lip to get back to its normal so that it controls the gum visibility while smiling, laughing, or speaking.

Jawbone surgery:

When the jawbone’s overgrowth is the main culprit, you may need to go through this surgery. This surgery is a long-term procedure that can take some time to heal.

Gum contouring:

gum contouring fixes the excessive gum tissue. This is not a proper surgery but a treatment where the gum tissues will be removed by a laser gun, which can be completed in just one day. However, after the session, you will feel a little uncomfortable. Still, the doctors from the Therapeuo clinic will take care of that by giving you the proper diet and medication. After a few days, you will feel good, and your gummy smile will also be fixed.


if the upper lip is thinner, which results in a gummy smile, a lip filler will fix that. Here, a liquid fluid will be injected into the lips and make the lip thicker than in the past.

Crowns and veneers:

when the reason behind the gummy smile shorter teeth, crowns, and veneers are there to solve it. Crowns are placed on top of your natural teeth to cover and protect them. Veneers are thin sheets of porcelain glued over your teeth’ front surface, hiding any imperfections.

Crowns and veneers can fix a gummy smile by making your teeth look longer and more proportionate to your gum line. In some cases, they can also improve your teeth’ color, shape, and alignment.

So these are all the common surgeries for gummy smile treatment in Mumbai. Some people fear going through surgeries, but if you are treating from a professional clinic like Therapeuo dental and a multi-specialty clinic, you don’t need to worry about that. And also promise you a safe and secure dental future with insurance and all. So no further suffering with your dental issue, and take action before it gets too late.


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