Extra Tummy

What Is Extra Tummy Tuck

The abdomen is an area that is amongst the most detested regions of the body and countless people are doing every trick in their arsenal to get a more flat smoother, toned and smooth stomach. The problem is that this area is especially affected by weight loss and gain due to the effects of pregnancy and lifestyle choices. 

If the abdomen’s size and weight change, it could cause the muscles and skin to stretch and most often, they don’t return to their initial position when the weight then decreases. Instead, patients are left with stretched skin, weak muscles and generally dissatisfaction about their appearance. Fitness and diet may help to improve how it appears, but there are certain changes that remain unaffected and permanent even with the best efforts.

What’s An Extended Tummy The Tuck?

A  extended tummy tuck that is extended is identical to a standard Tummy tuck, which is sometimes called abdominoplasty however, instead of cutting off the excess skin and fat around your stomach area, this procedure is targeted at the flank area, also known as the those with love handles that is between your hips and the waist. 

In some instances the extended tummy tuck may also address excess skin on the side of the thigh. The most suitable candidates for a tummy tuck that is extended are those who have shed a lot of weight and have a lot of skin, as well as people who are looking to trim the look of their flanks and stomachs

Standard Vs. Extended Tuck…Which Is Better?

A well-groomed body doesn’t mean an abdominal area that is smooth and well-toned. With a strict diet and exercise routines, some individuals have the ability to attain an abdominal area that they feel comfortable about. But, many people suffer daily stress of having excessive fat and loose skin in the abdominal region. 

Also called “abdominoplasty,” a stomach toning is a well-known procedure for body contouring which can provide people with slimmer and clearly defined stomachs. There are a variety of abdominoplasty methods that are available based on the regions of the stomach where fat and skin is located. What’s the difference between a traditional Tummy Tuck and an extended Tummy tuck?

Standard Tummy Cash

A tummy tuck typically involves cutting an incision in the bikini line which extends across the hip and also in the abdomen. After the excess skin and fat are eliminated, abdominal muscles get tightened and the skin that remains is stretched, revealing the slimmer shape. A tummy tuck procedure is typically performed on patients who are pregnant or have recently lost some weight.

Extended Tummy Cut Tuck

A tummy tuck extended is similar to a standard Tummy tuck, with the exception that an incision is extended from the hips, and then to the back. It not only enhances the overall abdomen however, it also improves the waist. A tummy tuck that is extended is typically performed for those who have fat deposits or loose skin in the area around their abdomen (love handles).

During your appointment the body of your patient will be assessed and your individual preferences will be considered to determine what Tummy tuck technique will work best for you.

Benefits of Tummy Surgery

Extended Tummy Tuck The procedure has a variety of aesthetic and psychological advantages. The procedure tightens and eliminates the skin around your hips, back and thigh, to give it a an elongated and firm look.

The more attractive appearance of the upper part of the body will provide you with confidence and enhance your self-image considerably. This procedure and the improvement of your appearance will improve your social and personal life by increasing self-worth and confidence.

Contact us now for a consultation with medshelper to discuss further the benefits of the procedure and decide which procedure is of your choice.

Benefits in the After-Procedure

Following the procedure your skin and look of the abdomen are going to look slimmer and more streamlined. The fat deposits that accumulate in the region that the love handles grow are also removed. The results of the extended Tummy Tuck process are unique and not just based on your desires, but also on the state of your body and the extent of skin that is enlarged. The outcomes are generally dramatic and patients feel more relaxed and happy after the procedure.

Some patients experience excessive tissue and an abdominal wall that is weak can create other health issues including back discomfort. Due to the removal of large quantities of tissue, these issues can usually be addressed. Things you would rather not do, like athletics, running, bikinis, or any other form fitting clothes are now an everyday routine.



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