Beach Wedding Dresses

What Are Sexy Beach Wedding Dresses For A Seaside Ceremony?

Decorating a wedding venue is a hard job. The idea to decorate your wedding to suit a place like a beach is more difficult compared to a garden or wedding center. But the struggle doesn’t stop at just that. The most important thing every bride has to plan out is their wedding dress. A beautiful wedding dress suitable for the beach is also quite a headache for brides because there are just so many looks to choose from and how it would fit in with the wedding. FindCouponHere Fashion Blog is here to give you some tips in choosing sexy beach wedding dresses you will have to take a look at when talking about choosing a bridal dress.

What are the rules when choosing sexy beach wedding dresses?

One of the equally important points to note for brides who want to have a beach wedding is choosing a beach wedding dress. Because with this special venue, all factors such as the sand, the sun, and the sea breeze have a significant impact on not only the bride’s outfit but also the bride’s comfort.

There will not be comprehensive and complete rules to help the bride choose the right wedding dress for such an outdoor space, especially at the sea. However, there surely is a guidance for choosing one from all those sexiest beach wedding dresses so you will no longer be confused when trying to be the center of attention and the most gorgeous bride on this sunny and windy wedding day.

  • Remove all kinds of heavy fancy wedding dresses from the wedding dress pick list.
  • Should choose a wedding dress with light, airy material and help the bride to move easily, always feel really comfortable during the wedding party such as chiffon, chiffon, silk, etc.
  • You can pay attention to the selection of short dresses, lace dresses with deep necklines, or symmetrical wedding dresses that will help the bride to be both beautiful, modern, and more flexible and dynamic.
  •  Do not choose high heels to wear with a beach wedding dress because high heels can never “pair” with the sand. Choose flat shoes that are easy to walk around.
  • You should prepare a light scarf in case you feel cold or the weather is too windy to ensure your health and enjoy the sweetest time of your life with peace of mind.

If you are still wondering what kind of wedding dress is right for you, check out the three key elements to choose your perfect fit dress below.

Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Fit Sexy Beach Wedding Dress?

  1. Beach wedding dress style

You can consider the Minimal dress style because it is suitable for the space and weather at the sea. With a simple beach wedding dress, the bride will be comfortable and confident with every step without worrying about heavy wedding dresses.

Minimal design always helps brides move easily, especially on windy beaches. Moreover, the young bride and groom having a wedding at the beach will always want to have moments of dancing with friends, the Minimal wedding dress will help you change the status immediately.

Simple and elegant mermaid beach wedding dress

Off-shoulder for extra sexy and luxurious bride

The backless dress gives off the princess vibe yet still sexy

  • Beach wedding dress shape

Prioritize choosing beach wedding dresses with a straight, A-line, or fishtail shape, and avoid gowns with complicated spare skirts for easy travel. Moreover, the short wedding dress so that the bride can freely exercise as well as participate in dancing activities at the beach is also a dress that you should consider. Do not be afraid that these shapes couldn’t show off your sexy and beautiful self, the subtle cut and light fabric together with the ocean breeze will not only make you sexier but also give off a vibe of a goddess to anyone who catches your sight.

A-line dress for the soft floating feeling

Boho beach wedding dress with straight shape and off-shoulder style

Short beach wedding dresses for energetic brides who love dancing

  • Details on a beach wedding dress

Dress details should be subtle and simplified, focusing on comfort and ease when holding a wedding in an airy and windy space like the sea. Depending on the body shape, the details of the wedding dress will be tweaked to best suit.

Lace beach wedding dresses is the best choice if you’re into something Haute Couture. The lace design will make you feel extra luxurious, while Bohemian details will show off a vibe closer to nature and make you feel very comfortable since it will be a bit loose in the shape. 

Lace details on an off-shoulder dress

Bohemian details on an A-line dress

Where to buy beach wedding dresses?

For a special day such as a wedding day, any woman would want to look their best, it is no doubt that the fitting section will take a lot of time, but you should still check out some of the designs online to have some ideas which beach wedding dress will perfectly fit in your overall wedding decoration. 

Some agencies that allow you to have a look at trending sexy beach wedding dresses:

  • Wedding Forward
  • Brides
  • David’s Bridal


Above are some tips FindCouponHere Fashion Blog could share with you. Although it’s pretty much just an overview and we haven’t mentioned everything but we hope we could somehow help you plan your seaside wedding ceremony. Have we mentioned all the sexy elements that you should notice when you choose your sexy beach wedding dress? If not, follow us at FindCouponHere, we have exclusive discount deals for you to save on your budget like Up to 75% OFF Wedding dresses sale at David’s Bridal or Up to 60% OFF Sale items at BHLDN, etc. With these coupon codes, we hope you would save up big time for your wedding.


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