Custom Boxes

Types and Importance of Custom Boxes and Packaging

Different types of custom boxes have been offered to the market, each with its specifications. You’ll notice a vast range of these packages for your products. This is because they are made from versatile cardboard, Kraft, or corrugated material. They are customised in many ways, making them unique for various products. Many businesses are curious about the most common sorts of these boxes that many brands use for their products. Whatever type of package you wish to deliver, there are boxes available to meet your specifications. On the other hand, knowing which kind of box to select is another issue.

Types of Boxes for Businesses 

Stronger, bulkier box alternatives are required for commercial shipping than home shipping or packing. The majority of product or shipment firms work with one or more of the following box types:


Corrugated boxes resemble standard cardboard boxes, but they are thickly stacked with materials of varied thicknesses. As a result, they are a large, durable, and recyclable shipping choice. Corrugated custom boxes come in various styles, such as easy-fold or custom printed designs, and are one of the most cost-effective shipping options. They are readily stored and organised when removed and laid flat.


Because of their elegant, durable shape, rigid customised boxes give a more luxurious experience for the end-user than other box kinds. The focus is on the product when consumers open a container, such as a shoebox or a package containing a new smartphone. They’re a popular solution for fragile and expensive things, and they’re also great for branding because they’re customisable.


Folding boxes or boxes are smaller, lighter boxes that lack the layers of corrugated boxes but offer the same versatility. If you’ve ever bought a bottle of lipstick or a box of frozen food from the grocery store, you’re familiar with folding boxes. Some packages are product-specific, such as the branded boxes that come with takeout fried rice. Custom kraft boxes are easily customisable and brandable, and they come in a variety of forms and sizes. Because of their lightweight, they are simple to store and ship.

Telescope Boxes

These custom boxes are divided into two halves, and the lid may be removed in the same way that the lid of a telescope covers the lens. Many luxury products are packaged in this manner to create the impression of unpacking and sophistication.

Collapsible Boxes

Collapsible boxes are popular among both clients and manufacturers. They provide great flexibility regarding how they can be designed for product manufacturers and lend themselves well to branding activities. Customers like them since they can be readily collapsed and reused. Furthermore, their collapsible design allows you to save money on shipping.

Roll End Tuck Top Boxes

Although the name of this type of box is somewhat complex, its operation is anything but. You can make the box without any glue or tape, and it keeps together simply by folding the ends and tucking them into the front. This sort of box is frequently used to convey baked goods, and the design possibilities are endless. The box lid can be transparent to show off the contents, making it a popular option for tasty meals.

Shoulder Boxes

This one-of-a-kind box isn’t seen very often, but that’s also what makes it stand out when you do see it. The lid and base of the box do not contact, and the product is stored in the middle. This is referred to as the shoulder. Using contrasting colours with the product in the centre is a great way to make the box stand out.

Regular Slotted Container Boxes

Because the flaps on these boxes are all the same length, they may mail smaller and lighter products one at a time. Unfortunately, because only the exterior and print design can be modified, this simplicity comes at the expense of some design elements.

Paper Bags

“Paper or plastic?” The manufacturing method is quick, easy, cheap, and customised.  Paper bags have long been used for packaging for these reasons, which is why they’re a common sight in most supermarkets. Furthermore, the eco-friendly public views paper more positively than plastic, allowing firms to promote their environmental appeal. Kraft boxes wholesale are the best type of customised packaging that is eco-friendly.

Why are custom boxes so important? 

Most client orders are supplied in standard kraft-coloured cardboard custom boxes with logo, which means they all appear the same when they arrive. Packaging is one of the few methods for online companies like yours to communicate with customers, so that box needs to stand out. But how will you do that if your packaging is essential and looks the same as everyone else’s?

Custom boxes wholesale surely enhance your brand’s uniqueness. It might be as basic as printing your logo on the box or saturating it in one of your brand colours. Whatever you choose, it quickly distinguishes your shipments and sets them apart from the sea of kraft.


Different packaging comapnies provide the resources to help you create unique boxes online. Choose a box type that matches your packing tastes, the size that best fits your products, and then deck it out in rich, brilliant colours (both inside and out!). Your customer orders will look fantastic.Also, if you’re interested in custom packaging boxes with your logos, designs, and colour options, click here to get more information.




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