Desert Safaris

Top Best Desert Safaris in the world

Desert is a vast expanse of sand, as far as the eye can see.This is simply a serene landscape of sand dunes.A desert experience is such a best one because  the landscape is so different and  there are so many unique things to do on this landscape.Here one can fall in love with thrilling camel safaris, sand-dune bashing on jeeps,colourful camps,Golden sands, blue skies.This things will give you an incredible experiences.

So, here we are presenting the top best desert safaris in the world you need to include in your bucket list.

1. Dubai Desert Safari: 

Dubai desert safari is the most adventurous tour in the United Arab Emirates.As the night falls you can taste the Arabian culture.You can also meet the UAE’s national bird, the falcon, during your desert safari trip.Many photography enthusiasts take the advantage of its glowing sunrise and sunset.The vast desert is your playground and you can choose your favourite activity which will blow your mind.The best time to visit Dubai is from November to April.

Dubai Desert Safari tour is one of the best Dubai tourist places to experience the nature, calmness, and beauty of the desert that pulls you like a magnet. 

It has a hot desert climate.Summers in Dubai are extremely hot and humid.The average temperature in summer in Dubai is around 40 degree centigrade.The highest recorded temperature  is 48.8 °C.

Here are some lists of things that one can do-

Camel ride:

This 45 minute ride on the back of a camel will help you to explore the wildlife.Camel rides start from 50 AED.

Dune bashing experience:  

This is an activity that lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes.This is a jeep safari ride. The jeep picks you up from the camp and takes you for a ride offering guaranteed fun and thrill.

=The cost for Dune Bashing starts from 100 AED.

Desert skiing:

Skiing in the vast desert area will release your stress.During this activity you need to wear comfortable and light clothing.

This activity starts from 300 AED.

Hot air balloon ride:

A journey 4000 ft above the desert will give you a 360-degree view of Dubai city.The hot air ballooning experience in Dubai is truly amazing and unforgettable.

This beautiful Hot air balloon ride starts from 600 AED.

Quad biking: 

Quad bike is a four-wheeled motorbike that provides an amazing journey on desert terrains.

Tickets for quad viking start from 150 AED.

Overnight desert safari:

One can spend their night in the middle of Dubai’s golden desert under a star-studded sky. This adventurous session starts with the sunset in the Dubai desert.It takes 9 hours to complete this total session.At night relax in front of the bonfire watching many beautiful dance performances.

2. Namib Desert:


Namibia,South Africa.

In Windhoek the Hosea Kutako International Airport is the closest airport.From here you can hire a private vehicle and drive to the desert. Namibia Safari will offer you to the apricot coloured dunes of the world’s oldest desert.Do visit the nearby Namib-Naukluft National Park is home to Desert Elephants, Ostriches, Gazelles, Antelopes and many more if you don’t want to miss the wildlife of Africa.Also you can do a guided walk,ancient San rock cave paintings, hot air balloon rides, quad biking.

One can visit here from August to October and from March to May.

3. Sahara Desert:



The closest airport is Cairo airport.This Sahara Desert safari is the great way to explore the whole of Egypt.One can experience the impressive Saltwater Lake and the Golden mummies. The desert runs through the countries of Morocco,Tunisia and Algeria.This desert looks gorgeous during the night.The best time to visit here is october to early may.

4. Thar Desert:



The closest airport and railway station is in Jaisalmer.During Thar desert safari one can do many activities like Camel safari,Quad biking.Go to the Desert National Park to witness the wild desert ecosystem.If you’re visiting during February then don’t miss the Jaisalmer Desert Festival.The best time to visit here is October to March.

5. Hunder Sand Dunes:


Ladakh,Nubra Valley,India.

The closest airport is in Leh.Hunder Sand Dunes is the coldest desert in India.Don’t miss the Samstanling Monastery and Maitreya statue.Here one can take a ride on the double-humped Bactrian Camel.Here enjoy the bonfire evenings, delicious Ladakhi cuisine and view of the night sky with a million dazzling stars over your head.The best time to visit here is from May to October.