Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya: a journey to the roots of the Mayan Civilization

The Riviera Maya is one of the most incredible places you can ever visit. The unique beauty of this place attracts millions of tourists every year, who are not only looking for beautiful scenery and warm waters to spend their vacations, but are also captivated by the rich culture and ancient history of this wonderful land.

If you plan to spend your vacation enjoying adventures while enriching your culture, then the Riviera Maya is the ideal destination. The most common way to arrive in the area is through Cancun’s international airport, which will be the starting point for your trip along this coastal strip of the Mexican Caribbean. For the trip you can rent a car in Cancun, or you can take one of the many tours you can find on the internet. Later you can rent a car in Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos or any of the other points of the trip.

This area of the Yucatan Peninsula in southern Mexico was the cradle of the Mayan civilization. These first inhabitants of the lands of Mesoamerica stand out in history for their contribution in the field of astrology but above all for their rich culture, of which there are still great manifestations today.

A trip to this region is like a journey through history. The Mayas have bequeathed numerous rituals and ceremonies to our days, and many of the dates that Mexicans celebrate today have their roots in this civilization since time immemorial. Such is the case of the Day of the Holy Cross, on May 3, or the well-known and very famous Day of the Dead, on November 1 and 2, festivities that also attract many tourists today.

What to do in the Riviera Maya?

If you want to experience firsthand the feeling of a trip back in time you can choose one of the tours that include among its activities the recreation of some of these rituals, such is the case of a traditional ceremony of Mayan healing and purification with numerous health benefits. Also bathing in the cold waters of the cenotes, according to tradition, is beneficial not only for physical health, but also for the soul and spirit.

Xcaret is another destination that showcases the ancestral art of this Caribbean zone in southern Mexico. In the evenings you can enjoy colorful cultural performances that simulate one of the majestic celebrations of the Mayas in their time.

But if you want to live a real experience, then you can visit the Mayan community in Playa del Carmen. A community of real descendants of this civilization, where you can interact with them, as well as taste the most native dishes of this civilization that have reached our days intact and have contributed significantly to the Mexican culinary culture, now a world heritage site. In the Mayan community of Playa del Carmen you will be able to learn how to make the famous Mexican tortillas. At the same time you will be able to see live the Mayans celebrating a fire ceremony and participate in the Temazcal, one of their rituals of worship to Mother Earth, which is a volcanic stone steam bath to purify the body and spirit.

Surprise yourself with the architecture of the Mayas.

One of the manifestations where the greatness of the Mayan civilization is most appreciated is in the architecture. Throughout the Riviera Maya there are countless places with the imprint of this impressive contribution of the Maya. From Chichen Itza, with its impressive pyramids, to the lost city of Coba and then on to Tulum, where you can contemplate the ruins of one of the most glorious cities ever built by the Mayas, you will be impressed by the construction achievements of those men as early as pre-Columbian times.

Throughout your tour you will find wonderful beaches where you can swim and practice other water activities such as diving in the numerous coral reef areas that exist in the area. You can find places like this in Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, etc. In Cancun you will find countless other attractions, for example: visit the underwater museum of Cancun, which impresses by the number of statues and other life-size sculptures that are under the sea and give the impression of visiting a sunken city. Cancun’s hotel zone itself offers many attractions such as restaurants of the most varied cuisines, nightclubs like the famous Coco Bongo and a great variety of hotels for all tastes and needs: hotels for rest and relaxation, hotels for couples or singles, etc.

Undoubtedly, the Riviera Maya is the ideal place for an excellent vacation, whatever travel plan you have in mind. A mix of adventure, culture and joy, accompanied by the aphrodisiac touch of the ancestral culinary art of the Mayan civilization.