Engagement Ring

The Complete Guide to Engagement Ring Selection

When you look for classic engagement rings online, you see several discounts and offers available, which enhance the experience and accommodate all spending levels.

To make a wise choice, review these top suggestions for ordering a stunning wedding band online.

1- How Big Is Her Ring?

The wedding band’s ideal fit should be your primary concern. Please don’t assume that the ring size hasn’t changed since you were engaged. Nobody wants to have a bad shock at the event. Therefore, get her ring size once again before you start browsing for a design.

The top online jewelry store offers a large selection of wedding bands in various sizes, along with comprehensive instructions on determining ring size and access to foreign ring size charts. To determine the ideal fit, compare them to the measurements you took. However, if the ring does not fit, you may request a simple return within 30 days of placing the order.

2- When to Shop?

Depending on your partner’s decision, this. You need to start looking for a bridal set far in advance if she wants one. Why? Because a bridal set includes a matching-style or metal wedding band and iconic halo engagement rings. However, if she likes to spice things up, she could desire a distinctive wedding ring, which you don’t need to look for too far in advance. If you are unhappy with the pair of halo engagement rings, don’t forget to provide adequate time for a replacement.

3- Think Outside the Box in Your Selection

Want to startle her and get a delighted “I do”? Then decide on a wedding band or bridal set that is specially designed. A solitary gemstone ring with an exceptional cut and form is available. Choose the gem based on the hue she prefers. For instance, blue is the predominant color of aquamarine, but blue topaz has a yellowish undertone. Citrine can be green, orange, or yellow. In search of vintage engagement rings? Decide on emerald. Love the sleek appearance of black? Choose Onyx. You can even select an Opal for its sparkling pinkish white tint or a Pearl for its pristine purity. Be brave and choose a ruby that is blazing red.

There are vintage engagement rings with diamond-encrusted complex work surrounding jewels in the center. Choose a three-pronged bezel or another special setting in white, yellow, or rose gold.

4-Wedding Set

Would you prefer a fandom-based wedding set or a conventional one? All of them may be found right here. For classic bridal settings, consider the selected diamond cut, such as princess, round, baguette, etc. Diamonds that have been cultivated in laboratories can also be selected. The latter is far more cost-effective and is sourced in a way that is both ethical and safe for the environment.

5- Matching Wedding Rings

Think about selecting wedding rings with a similar or matching appearance. With wedding rings made of white gold and embellished with blue sapphire and white diamond strips, say “I do” in elegance. Blue is a fantastic hue that looks fantastic on both men and women and works with most outfits. How about classic engagement rings? A white and yellow gold ring with a little diamond in the middle would undoubtedly be ideal for the bride and groom.

Final Thought

You may choose from a large assortment of wedding bands at an online jewelry store. You may find whatever you want, from the traditional to the unusual. Additionally, you can rely on the jewels’ quality and appreciate the convenience of having the ring delivered straight to your home. For further questions, see the Van Scoy Diamonds website.