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Steps to Design Your Dream Engagement Ring with Fine Design

Everyone has goals set for the engagement rings; they wish to get one in a lifetime. Some might go for the ready-to-pack designs, but others prefer custom engagement ring designs, including meaningful stones or carvings. This moment of getting proposed to or proposing to your loved ones to move that one step ahead of life is much more precious than you think. Therefore, it is very crucial to take the time and design your own engagement rings to pledge to the love of your life.

4 Steps to Design Your Dream Engagement Ring:

  1. Color of the Diamond:

While creating your own engagement ring, deciding on the shade you want in the diamond is essential. Generally, the color variation in diamonds goes from D to Z, i.e., colorless to yellow. While you make your own engagement ring, as you go down in the alphabet, the shade of yellow starts appearing in the diamond, and with each letter, it gets a bit darker. Deciding on the color shade makes it easy to land on the price range you might prefer or are looking for.

  1. Diamond Cut:

Once the color is fixed, next to decide on the diamond engagement ring is the cut of diamond to mount. This is more about the quality of the diamond to mount rather than the shape of the diamond. When you create your engagement rings, the work is done on the proportion and polish of the diamond facets and surfaces. Many options are available, such as round, cushion, oval, princess, emerald, pear, radiant, heart, Asscher, and marquise. The cut you decide on also helps in some cases to hide the color shade during engagement ring settings. The reflections of the diamond depend on the cuts that reflect the received light in a specific way.

  1. Diamond Clarity:

There are natural imperfections in the diamond, which are removed or resolved in the procedures of clarity. The level of clarity measures how much to let internal markings of diamonds affect the outside shine. When you build your own engagement rings, the price range of the diamonds goes up as you go from a little flawed to an utterly flawless diamond. This deals with presenting the existing flaws as inclusions while using engagement ring mountings. In the middle range on the clarity scale, the inclusions are hidden well while making the ring that is not identifiable to the naked eye.

  1. Carat Weight of Diamond:

It might be later in the list, but one of the most important factors to consider when you make your own engagement ring is deciding on the carat of the diamond. This factor does not necessarily determine the size of the diamond as it mainly deals with the weight of the diamond that will go on the engagement ring mounting. No two diamonds can be identical, even if of the same carat weight. The size might differ from each other though the shape is similar.

It is not necessary when you trust the brand, but sometimes it is suggested to have a certification of the diamond you are purchasing. The certificate states the integrity of the diamond, ensuring that you buy one natural, authentic diamond no matter what size or carat weight.

On Concluding Note:

There are many factors to consider for detailing while designing your perfect engagement ring. These facts step by step decipher the look of your engagement ring but to make it impressive, one experienced jewelry designer is required who can guide you well and help you make the right choices. Deutsch Fine Jewelry has acquainted with one such team of excellent to guide you better while designing your engagement rings.

Steps to Design Your Dream Engagement Ring with Fine Design


Deutsch Fine Design has introduced many unique and beautiful designs for engagement rings that might be a dream come true for some people. They have come up with great mountings and precise cuts to diamonds bringing out the shine of the diamonds.

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