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Leh Ladakh bike trip from delhi: Complete Guide

About The Region

If your bike is your first love and life partner, then you should take your beauty out of the hustle and bustle of the city, the mountains and the greenery of some of India’s richest roads. Considered to be one of the most challenging routes for cyclists, Manali-Leh Ladakh is also known to be one of the most satisfying combinations of the best valley in Manali and the best peak in Leh. Your Leh Ladakh bike ride is not enough without keeping these tips in your head as it will make your trip more successful than the most important aspects of mind.

Leh – Ladakh is a land of abundant beauty and a heartwarming experience. This is an experience that will allow you to connect with yourself and amazing ideas that you can enjoy for the rest of your life. Now that you are well-prepared with all the necessities, get ready for an exciting trip!

The Best Route from Delhi to Ladakh bike trip

Well, when we talk about Delhi to Leh Ladakh distance by bike, you have to cover almost. 1023 km from Delhi.

Delhi is the first stop of the Leh Ladakh bike lane. Manali to Leh and Srinagar to Leh are the two best routes for this bike tour. On both of these routes, you will find excellent road conditions and amazing views. The Manali route to Leh Ladakh incorporates excellent views.

Route 1: Delhi to Leh via Srinagar

Route map: Delhi → Jalandhar → Jammu → Srinagar → Kargil → Leh → Karu → Sarchu → Manali → Delhi

Combined Distance: About 2,295 miles

Route 2: Delhi to Leh via Manali

Route map: Delhi → Manali → Sarchu → Leh → KhardungLa → Nubra Valley → Kargil → Srinagar → Delhi

Combined Distance: About 2,569 miles

Route 3: Delhi to Leh via Patnitop and SriNagar

Delhi → Patnitop → Srinagar → Kargil → Leh → Tanglang La Sarchu → Jispa → Manali → Mandi → Karnal → Delhi

Delhi → Patnitop → Srinagar

On this route, most trips will pass through NH 44. However, the first trip of this route will be much easier. But when you get close to Patnitop, the road is narrow. Also, there you can get less traffic. Here, you should visit the Nag temple in Patnitop. The journey from Patnitop to Srinagar is short but short. The road to Titanic Point is a bit difficult. After this section, the road to Srinagar is amazing.

Srinagar → Kargil

The road to Kargil from Srinagar is the most amazing part of the whole trip. From Srinagar to Sonmarg, the road is smooth. Here you can find a little traffic near the Gyumri Post. Before reaching Kargil, you must pass through Dress, the coolest place in India. After arriving in Kargil, be sure to visit the Kargil War Memorial and Gyumri War Memorial.

Kargil → Leh

It will be the final leg of the road trip to Leh. On the road to Leh from Kargil, there are many important places to witness. Here, you can check out Namik La Top, Mulbekh Monastery, and Lamayuru Monastery. In this way, you can also explore beautiful mountains in a variety of colors.

Leh → Tanglang La

Tanglang La is the first stop where you can make your way back to Delhi. Its location is at an altitude of 17000 meters above sea level. In India, it is one of the top countries. While driving, you can witness the beauty of many landscapes on both sides of the road. Climbing this route is challenging but fun.

Tanglang La → Sarchu

You have to drive down the Leh-Manali highway to Lungta Restaurant. Here you will find accommodation in Sarchu where you can spend the night again. If you want to enjoy your trip to the fullest, you can also try a short trip to Zanskar.

 Sarchu → Jispa

You have to get up early to get to Jispa. Here you have to pass Rohtang Pass. This place is always full of tourists. To avoid crowds, you should leave Sarchu early. When you arrive at Jispa, be sure to visit Triloknath Temple.

Jispa → Manali

The road to Manali from Jispa is amazing. It is the last section of the Leh Manali highway. Here, you will cross the Leh Ladakh bridge. After that you have to drive past National Highway 3. On this highway, you can stop at Kothi for food.

Manali → Mandi → Karnal → Delhi

The route to Mandi from Manali is a bit difficult to drive. This way, you can stop at Gurbaksh Dhaba in Roopnagar. Here you can enjoy delicious food. After passing Karnal, the roads are beautiful. So it will be a last resort.

Best Time to Visit Leh Ladakh on a Bike Trip

The best time for Leh Ladakh bike trip is from June to September. These months empower cyclists to enjoy Ladakh rides, as long as they appreciate their cycling trips to Lahaul and Spiti. However, most cyclists love to start the brand new year with this crazy bike ride as Ladakh offers beautiful panoramas that can be maintained all year long without the rainy season.

The best time for a bike ride to Leh Ladakh from Delhi is from June to September. These months, cyclists can enjoy the best tourist destinations here.

Many roads and transit areas are closed during the winter, from October to March. It may continue until May. Avoid traveling to Ladakh during these months. If you choose to visit Leh-Ladakh this month you may encounter uncertain weather conditions and unpaved roads. Bicycle trips to Ladakh should also be avoided during the rainy season.

Perfect Duration for Delhi to ladakh bike trip

The required dates for a Ladakh bike ride depend entirely on the route you take and what you would like to include in your trip. While you can start your bike tour from Delhi, there is an option to start your exciting journey from Manali or fly to Leh and start your bike tour in Ladakh.

For a bicycle trip to Ladakh from Delhi, the required time would be 15-18 days, and From Manali you can cover most places in 10 days. If you fly to Leh and start your bike tour then it will definitely take 7-8 days to get something unforgettable.

Therefore, depending on the route you have chosen and the places you would like to stop at the Ladakh Motorcycle Route it takes 7-18 days.

What Makes Delhi to Ladakh Bike Trip an Exceptional Spot for Bikers?

Bikers love the destinations that give them lots of fun but when it comes to Leh-Ladakh, the level of road travel is often exciting. The main reason for the road trip from Delhi to Ladakh by bike is to sneak along the lanes in the list of the best roads in the world. Impressive landscapes, ancient palaces, spectacular landscapes, small curves and cliffs, snow-capped mountains, dense white clouds, glistening blue skies, and many such places add greatness to your journey. Also, during the road trip the magnetic charm allows freedom for passengers to stop wherever it sounds.

Why Do A Leh Ladakh Bike Ride

Apart from being a fun experience, the Leh Ladakh road trip will be a very memorable experience. You will see Ladakh as it is in its original state. Apart from cycling, you can also choose to go for one of the best experiences of camping in Leh. You can also choose to stay in Ladakh’s luxury resorts, hotels, apartments and cottages. It is accompanied by the fact that you can also go on safari, as well as a self-sacrificing journey to explore this heavenly world.

What To Pack

Bike Trip is like packing a backpack over mountainous terrain. A trip to Ladakh that needs to be packed for convenience but all the basic necessities need compliance. Keep in mind the below Leh Ladakh preparing for a bike ride while packing your belongings.

  1. A wise head on strong shoulders is a matter of life and death for everyone. Therefore, carry a hard hat and use it at all times while riding.
  2. Official photo proof of ownership and do not forget your driver’s license.
  3. One or two coats of leather are needed to soak up the air and blow.
  4. Carry T-shirts, sneakers, jeans, shorts, shirts, tracks, underwear, socks, towels, handkerchiefs, and other clothing items that you may feel special.
  5. Wearing sturdy walking shoes or leather boots will keep you away from cold feet.
  6. Pair your shoes with an extra pair of gloves.
  7. Climbing glasses to protect your eyes.
  8. You must carry a first aid kit and a tool kit for your bike.
  9. You will be equipped with GPS for sure but then carry a visual map for better navigation and clear directions.
  10. Charger, power banks, bluetooth headset, cache backup batteries, etc. a few other things to carry.
  11. Keep a flashlight with you, even if you think you do not need it. You never know when the need may arise.
  12. A good quality camera will also be a necessity to capture good locations.
  13. Carry a Swiss Army Knife to protect yourself as cycling automatically increases the level of danger.
  14. Camping tents, cooking utensils, sleeping bags, and other camping materials can be easily rented while one can carry them according to their level of comfort.
  15. Bring basic toothbrush toiletries, toothpaste, shampoo bags (to save space and easy disposal), face wash, liquid soap, lotions, cold creams, etc.
  16. Lastly, treat plenty of sunscreen with high SPF to protect your skin from sunlight.

Guidelines for Delhi to Ladakh by bike

  • Before you enter the road, you must pass certain points to enjoy your ride safely.
  • Always rely on heavy motorcycles or motorcycles, designed specifically for road travel.
  • You should check the condition of your motorcycle. If necessary, get the right motorcycle service.
  • It should carry all protective equipment such as helmets, gloves, knee pads, and more.
  • Take with you all the essentials needed for camping.
  • You should carry fur coats and extra shoes that are comfortable in your luggage. To find out more about the Delhi trip to Ladakh Trip click here!
  • You should carry a sufficient amount of fuel with you.
  • Carry all necessary medications and supplies.
  • Do not harm the environment or wildlife if caught can be a serious problem.
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Avoid spending too much time on the mountain and you may suffer from mountain sickness.
  • Carry enough packed food.
  • Do not drink and drive may cause death.
  • Carry enough money with you. There are few ATMs in the mountains. To find out more about ATMs and banking sites visit here!
  • You must save maps or download offline maps, not waiting for networks.
  • Stay tuned for clear weather and do not continue if the weather is bad.
  • Follow all COVID-19-related guidelines issued by the WHO including hygiene practices and isolation.
  • One very important thing, you must have an in-line permit to enjoy your trip. Always keep the document required for you.
  • Choose a 100% clean hotel to stay safe.
  • Carry essentials such as a flashlight, a rope, and a hook.
  • Always be polite to the local people.