German Shepherd

Interesting facts about German Shepherd dogs

One of the most popular dogs is the German Shepherd. Male German Shepherds are 60 to 65 cm long and female German Shepherds are 50 to 55 cm long. Male German Shepherds weigh 30 to 40 kg and female German Shepherds weigh around 25 kg. They are red-black silver and gray. It can live well for nine to 10 years if properly cared for. They are versatile as they are intelligent, caring, friendly, alert, and confident. If you’re looking for a cute and healthy purebred GSD puppy, visit our webpage to know German Shepherd price in Kolkata.

Now discuss 5 interesting thing facts:

German Shepherds explore everything with their noses:

Every dog ​​has a much better sense of smell than humans, about 10 thousand times more. The German Shepherd has a relatively high sense of smell compared to other dogs. They are known as detection dogs due to their excellent sense of smell. German Shepherds are known as police assistance dogs. These dogs are used in trucking search and rescue.

Incredibly smartness

The German Shepherd is much more clever, clever, and intelligent than its owner. They try to learn by watching what the owner does and want to do exactly that. Mental stimulation and positive energy work in them.

German Shepherd dogs are protective of their loved ones

They are known to be fearless and confident. They are protective and watchful of their owners. German Shepherd owners are reassuring to their dogs as they are good watchdogs and protectors. They always protect their owners. You should commit to spending time socializing and training your dog to make sure your companion is comfortable around strangers and other dogs. Stay away from strangers and fear them but not enemies they will not suddenly attack them.

loving partner

They love spending time with people. They are social dogs who love to play and have fun. The more time you spend with your companion dog, the better off he will be. They do not like to spend time alone. Spend time with them and give them some toys to play with and you will see that they will be happy and healthy. The better friendship you maintain with them, the more loyal they will be to you. And we know very well that dogs are godly. German Shepherds always want a loving companion. If you maintain a close friendship with them, they will protect you.

German Shepherds shed

A special element of the German Shepherd’s body is its hair. It has a dense coat of medium length. Brush your dog’s hair regularly to help with shedding. The fur looks very nice and it gives them a very nice look.


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