CRM data

How will CRM data transform your customer relationship?

Building customer loyalty is a priority for all businesses. However, today’s marketing demands go beyond loyalty . Competition forces companies to look for new marketing methods.

Thus, the personalization of the customer is essential. In this logic, digital solutions for customer relationship management (CRM) are being developed. These solutions, to be effective, use data (data provided by customers).

In this article, we will discuss in detail how CRM data can transform your customer relationship.

CRM: a tool to centralise your sales and marketing data

CRM software  in Saas mode is a digital solution that centralises all your customer information in a single database. Installing CRM software allows you to work in synergy between the sales department and the marketing department of your company.

The usefulness of a CRM lies in the automation of tasks and the effective and efficient management of the client portfolio. You have at your fingertips, all the information on the particularities of a customer (his contact, his last purchase, his consumption preferences, his frequency of purchase on the site/in the store, etc.)

Installing a CRM allows your company, given the data available on your customer, to anticipate their purchasing needs and define certain marketing actions to increase sales. Installing a CRM also helps your business to be responsive and provide a successful customer experience .

CRM software makes it easy to analyse the market and position your business in that market. Having a cloud CRM in your company means allowing the deployment of the commercial strategy and the implementation of marketing actions for the growth of your company.

Data and CRM: AI at the heart of customer data

AI is a great tool for streamlining the data of your CRM tool and a great way to continuously save time. Automate your most tedious Data processing tasks via precise rules and conditions. Each customer will then be entered into a specific scenario allowing them to have a personalised user experience and saving your team’s considerable time. 

Each CRM system can rely on this type of technology to improve the data of each customer and thus offer an automatic sales process. This is an integral part of marketing automation. A real plus for your CRM (customer relationship management).

AI allows better prioritisation of data in your management software, avoiding human input error and improving databases in constant action. This cleanliness of the data allows you to have a fair customer experience with a precise history of actions, subsequently improving your conversion rate for prospects and customer satisfaction. 

Get to know your customers better and offer a unique customer experience

Since customer experience is the emotion and perception of the customer before, during and after purchasing your products, it is important to use CRM software to analyse customer requirements as they happen.

A company that has a CRM integrator software must have all the data on its customers in order to classify them according to their respective category. Precise targeting is the key word.

CRM to increase customer knowledge

The goal of your CRM tools is to collect as much customer information as possible. The CRM must help the company to master the customer. From a CRM, your company knows how to direct its marketing campaign to obtain customer support for its product or service.

Better control the customer journey to offer a personalised customer experience

With a CRM installed in your company, you have the data relating to all your customers. You have the advantage of offering products or services intended for your customer by taking their wishes into account. Thanks to this digital solution, you know exactly the quality desired by such customers. What types of products or services interest your customers.

So you don’t have to spend inappropriately. From your CRM , you will no longer overwhelm your customer with advertisements that will not interest him. You manage your sales pipeline down to the smallest detail.

Recommendations for a successful customer experience

Although CRM software is useful for your business, we recommend that you be very careful, as there are a significant number of CRM solutions on the market.

Before choosing a CRM software , you must ensure that it has the following functionalities: customer databases; commercial actions ; sales cycles; management of customer reminders; customer visit statistics; purchase preferences….These elements are essential to carry out your CRM project.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution is a CRM solution that we especially recommend to you. With this solution, customer relationship management is efficient. It is also a better solution for SMEs



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