How To Use Audio via HDMI In PC


 There are several situations when streaming computer media (video and sound) to a TV is desirable. For instance, let’s say your PC is online and you want to watch a YouTube video on a massive screen with surround sound on your TV.

You must choose the correct Input Source for a TV HDMI connection when connecting your Windows PC to a TV through HDMI. Nvidia-High-Definition-Audio-Driver is the most well-known audio driver. Most of the time, though, this is insufficient because all it accomplishes is to mirror your computer screen on the TV while the Sound continues to originate from the PC.

You must perform accessible settings to switch the Sound from the PC to the TV. The seven-step guide was designed for a Windows 10 computer, but it should work with any version of Windows. But before that, what is an HDMI cable?

What Is An HDMI Cable?

The most popular HD signal for transmitting high-definition audio and video over a single cable is HDMI that stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. It connects gadgets like digital TV, DVD players, Blu-ray players, Xbox, Playstation, and AppleTV with the television. It is also the most commonly used cable in homes.

These days, HDMI is now available on laptops and PCs, making it the industry standard for the corporate and commercial industries. It transfers high-quality audio and video signals between devices for use in education, presentations, digital signage, and retail displays.

HD video and audio may now be mixed with one cable thanks to HDMI, which replaces analog systems that need separate audio and video lines (such as VGA and audio jack).

Use HDMI cable to connect your HD source’s output to our HD displays, such as your TV, commercial screen, projector, or multi-screen video wall! For example, your HD source may be a Blu-ray player or a Skybox. In addition, if an AV/home entertainment system has extra control or signal distribution components like a signal splitter, HDMI switcher, or AV matrix, HDMI cables will also be utilized in that system.

How To Use Audio via HDMI In PC?

Here is how you can use audio via HDMI on a PC:

  1. Choose Control Panel by right-clicking on the Start symbol in the lower-left corner of the desktop.

  2. Click Hardware and Sound in the Control Panel box.

  3. Next, select Sound.

  4. Your PC Speakers will be seen as chosen (green check mark sign)

  5. Select TV (in this case, a Samsung), then select the Set Default button.

  6. Your Sound will now be coming from the TV at this point (now your default playback device is TV – shown with the green check mark sign)

  7. Take in the spectacle.

The Sound will immediately transfer back to your PC’s speakers after you unplug your HDMI wire.

The Benefits Of HDMI

HDMI connections transmit digital audio and video without compression for the best image quality. Choose Category 2 HDMI cables – High-Speed Cables instead of Category 1 cables – Standard Cables if you want the highest quality possible. These cables have been tested to 340 MHz and provide resolutions like 1080p60 and 2160p30.

They are compatible with older interfaces, including DVI. All that is needed to link DVI and HDMI is a cable. This functionality cannot be used with any other interface.

HDMI cables offer the quality and simple functionality of a digital interface for less than $25, at which point you may enjoy a 1080p resolution, making them incredibly cost-effective. The most economical HDMI cables that also support uncompressed video formats are Category 2 cables that support HDMI 1.3. However, when compared to other equivalent wires, they are deficient.

There is no substitute for picture and audio quality HDMI cables since they provide rich, deep colors that are 30-bit, 36-bit, and 48-bit. On the other side, unlike DVDs, sound quality is excellent without any interference or noise since no signal is transformed or altered while being transferred.

The Bottom Line

With HDMI, users may combine audio and video data and transmit it via a single connection. This significantly lessens the hassle of home theatre PC connectivity. You won’t want to switch to utilizing separate audio and video connections once HDMI is working on your PC. The connection between your PC and home theatre is made with just one cable, which improves clarity and results in excellent quality. Take pleasure in your new, cleaner home theatre!


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