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How to Open .mdf File Without SQL Server? Complete Tutoria

How to Open .mdf File without SQL Server & View Them

24th April 1989, was the date when we got Mircosoft SQL Server. A lot of changes were made from time to time in order to make it better than before. However, we started getting several queries recently where users want to learn how to open .mdf file without SQL server.

At first, we started thinking that why would a user wants to do so. As soon as we got our answer, we begin our research about the solutions & here we are with the best available guide. Having a few SQL experts in our team helped us get all the crucial points here in front of you.

In this article, we’re going to mention all the available solutions and look at the how-to guide in detail. Reading this article will not only solve your problem but also contribute heavily to your knowledge base about SQL Server & MDF data file. We are quite sure that by the end of this guide, you can be a proficient user of this task. Moreover, the features of the best solution are also there to get a complete overview of it.

All Solutions to Learn How to View MDF File without SQL Server

When we look at the available solutions, a total of four solutions open & view the SQL server MDF data files. All of the solutions are listed below. Moreover, as per user requests, we will also mention the solutions’ step-by-step procedure in detail to users that does not require SQL Server.

Manual Solutions

  • The first solution we have in line is of using SSMS. The SQL Server Management Studio is a useful utility that users may use. However, this isn’t the SQL server but users have to connect it to their SQL server. In case users do not have SQL server, this method will fail.
  • The second solution we can say that we have is the Visual Studio. We can use Visual Studio also but again this method is also not that great. Users may face several limitations here too which will spoil their experience.
  • The third one is by using the T-SQL Commands. However, only experienced users are capable of executing these methods. This is because a single mistake in the commands can easily make the situation even worse.

Automated Solution

  • The automated solution is using a highly advanced tool that is specially meant to solve such issues. This tool does not require SQL Server & offers various features to users.

How to Open .mdf File without SQL Server Automatically

The best solution we can get is an automated solution. Otherwise, the other solutions are full of critical limitations. This automated solution involves the Advanced SQL Database Viewer Tool which is even the first choice of IT Experts.

You can get this tool in your budget as this is totally free. Being an open source solution, it provides features that no other solution is capable to deliver till users. Evidently, we experienced that this tool is practically & economically the ideal choice for users.

Download this software & then follow the below steps along with the respective images to learn how to view MDF file without SQL server.

Step-1. Launch the Utility & Click the Open key to add MDF format files.

Step-2. Select the Quick or Advance Scan based on the level of corruption.

Step-3. Wait for a While till the software scans MDF data files in a quick manner.

Step-4. Click on the Ok button & simply view your database objects as you want.

Reason to Select the Automated Solution

Unquestionably, there are several features present in this guide that allows users to learn how to open .mdf file without SQL server. However, we can not talk about each & every one of them. This is why we are going to have a look at the major ones that are a huge help to users.

  • The tool is quite advanced & can easily allow users to open & view almost all the database objects like tables, views, tasks, indexes, triggers, stored procedures, functions, etc.
  • This software is capable of automatically detecting the SQL Server name & version. The software simply uses the MDF files’ metadata to detect that & makes the process even better.
  • Quick and Advanced Scan mode makes this tool able to detect data file objects even after corruption from low to high levels. Clearly, the manual solutions are able to offer an option to open corrupted files.
  • To learn how to view MDF file without SQL Server, users do not need to have SQL server or connect their SQL Server with the tool. They just need to have MDF files that they want to access. NDF & LDF also works here.
  • Advanced solution comes with advanced features. Evidently, Users can easily open & view their MDF data files of any size. There is as such no restriction of the size of files as present in the manual solution.


We can say that the only barrier that stops users from viewing their data files is just the lack of knowledge. Through this guide, we tried to provide users with adequate knowledge & the ideal solution. If you’re reading this article till here, means that most probably you’re also facing a similar situation.

Hence, use the automated solution to learn how to open .mdf file without SQL Server safely. No other solution can provide users with such a great experience. Moreover, the open-source nature of this solution makes it even better. Just keep in mind that a wise decision can highly elevate your experience & a wrong one holds the potential to result in a huge mess.


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