Barcode Scanners

How to Maintain Your Commercial Barcode Scanners

To maintain the effectiveness of your barcode scanners, you must follow the proper care and maintenance procedures. You should keep the reading windows clear, avoid the harmful laser beam reflections, and keep the scanner as clean as possible. For this, you can use an anti-static synthetic cleaner and lens cloth. These cleaning materials can be easily bought online.

Cleaning the reading windows

Cleaning the reading windows on commercial barcode scanner is very important, as these areas are easily affected by dust, fingerprints, humidity, and abrasion. To ensure optimal performance, regularly clean these windows using a soft cloth or mild cleaning solution. The reading windows are made of glass, so they must be cleaned using soft, gentle motions. Similarly, windows made of plastic should be cleaned using a moist cloth or soft cleaning solutions.

A soft cloth or a lens swab can be used to clean the inside of the reading window. It is best to avoid the use of abrasive cleaners, as they can scratch the surface and damage the device. Additionally, water should not be used to clean the reading window, as this can cause excessive static electricity to build up.

It is important to keep the reading windows of commercial barcode scanners clean, as they may be subject to electrostatic charges. Rubbing the window can increase this charge, so it is best to use an anti-static synthetic cleaner. These products are readily available and are very inexpensive. Barcode scanners should also be stored in suitable conditions, as intense heat and sun damage can decrease their lifespan. It is also important to avoid leaving them on hot dashboards.

In addition to cleaning the reading windows on commercial barcode scanners, owners should also remember that cleaning the devices should be done frequently. This will protect the devices from dirt, dust, and fingerprints.

Protecting the scanner

Protecting commercial barcode scanners is essential to avoid the possibility of failure. Failure can lead to a loss of time, productivity, and product. There are many ways to keep the devices safe from harm. The International Electrotechnical Commission has developed a global standard for ingress protection. This means that the devices are able to resist dust, liquid, and other environmental elements. This is often referred to as an IP rating.

To protect your commercial barcode scanner, you should choose a model with a two-times thick protective casing. This case will help protect the scanner from damage and prevent it from being misused. Another important feature to look for in a scanner is the ability to adjust the brightness. Bright lighting can cause the scanner to become unusable. It is important to choose a scanner that can withstand the lighting conditions in your warehouse. Also, it’s essential to ensure that the number keys are located in an ergonomic position. The size of the keys also matters.

The industrial environment can be particularly challenging for barcode scanners. The scanners will need to be protected from dust, liquid intrusion, and strong impact vibration. It is also important to ensure the reliability of the device, since a malfunction will delay normal production.

Keeping it clean

Cleaning a commercial barcode scanner is a challenging task. The scanner is in constant use, and employees are often working fast to fulfill customer orders or restock shelves. This constant use can create an environment where bacteria and other contaminants thrive. To avoid these problems, it’s vital to thoroughly clean the device. Wiping down the device every day with a soft cloth and cleaning solution is recommended.

It’s also vital to maintain the environment where the scanner is kept. Avoid placing it in a dark or humid area. Too much moisture can damage the scanner’s parts and cause malfunction. Use thermometers to monitor the temperature of the scanner’s components. Also, inspect the stands on which it stands to check for wear or damage.

The housing should be made of durable plastic and disinfectant-ready. Amorphous plastic is cheaper to mass produce, but it can be susceptible to damage from harsh disinfectants. This material can become distorted, discolored, or cracked. To avoid these problems, look for models that are made for healthcare environments.

Antimicrobial agents are another solution. These agents are designed to fight the spread of microbes and viruses. While they can help prevent the growth of bacteria, they do not kill them. This makes it essential to maintain commercial barcode scanners regularly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Protecting it from hard impacts

Barcode scanners are an essential tool for inventory control. They enable you to keep track of assets in your company, so protecting them from hard impacts is imperative. In fact, barcodes are used in almost every operation today. Without them, you might not have the information you need to comply with industry regulations.

The most effective way to protect your barcode scanner from hard impacts is to purchase one with an IP (Ingress Protection) rating of 68 or higher. Also, consider buying a model with a lower brightness if you work in an environment with low or high lighting. In this way, you can avoid damaging your scanner in a dark or dirty environment.

Depending on the type of barcode, it is important to protect your commercial barcode scanner from environmental factors. Some of these factors can affect the quality of your barcodes, which may cause them to decode incorrectly. Changing temperatures, for example, can cause condensation on the code, which can blotch the ink or cause it to distort. These factors can also damage the substrate.

Another important factor to consider when protecting your commercial barcode scanners from hard impacts is the type of use. A barcode scanner may be used for a variety of purposes, including identifying items, tracking items between facilities, and selling them to customers. While damage repair methods are limited, there are ways to limit the damage and protect the barcode scanner from the elements. Consider choosing a rugged handheld computer or rugged barcode scanner that can withstand harsh environments.

Preventing a stuck trigger

When your commercial barcode scanner experiences a stuck trigger, you may need to reset the trigger. The trigger is a magnetically activated switch in the scanner that moves a magnet to a sensor inside the device. If the trigger doesn’t work, the sensor may be faulty or the magnet may have fallen off the trigger lever. To fix the trigger, try running a small magnet across the magnet located on the scan engine or handle. The scanner should now produce a beam.

Despite this simple trick, there are a number of other possible causes for stuck triggers. Some of them are operational issues and environment-related factors. Some barcodes are so small that the scanner cannot properly read them. Other problems may be caused by the barcode’s dimensions, such as dimensional error.

Before performing any repairs on the scanner, you should check if the scanner is properly connected to the computer. It’s best to connect it to a known working port on the computer. If the scanner doesn’t respond to the connection, try switching it off and reconnecting the cable. If it still doesn’t work, try resetting the scanner.

Cleaning the reading windows can also increase the scanner’s performance. Some scanners have settings that allow the user to adjust the contrast of the barcodes and spaces. In addition, they also come with a depth of field that can help them read even the most challenging barcodes.


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