Luxury Furniture

How to Identify Luxury Furniture

There are various methods you can apply to Furniture Lounge Sunderland to determine whether the furniture you’re considering buying for your client’s space is genuine high-end furniture. Although this article doesn’t contain all of them, We will only list the methods our design team has found the most beneficial when helping our customers because we have proven that they work.

The Labels and Marks

It may be the most straightforward method to recognize an expensive piece of furniture. However, it’s still a bit of research. You must know the authentic look of a mark or label to ensure that the item you’re viewing isn’t counterfeit.

Utilize a search engine to find out the terms used by brands for identifying their furniture. For instance, the name Caracole utilizes a logo tag stitched into the seam on their chair. However, they also have various glued-on safety tags that contain essential warnings to communicate information about the fire safety rules. 

Some contain phrases similar to “under penalty of law,” and the tag will not be removed unless the buyer requests. If the item you purchase is marked with tags such as this, it’s likely to be genuine. If not, don’t buy the item and then inquire with the seller for more details.

It is crucial to conduct your research before shopping since most brands have a tag or sticker glued to the furniture base. Copiers also know this. They have started to replicate this.

If you can’t find an item with a mark or sticker, you can look for a serial number or country of origin, e.g., “Made in the USA” written on metal or wood. Copycats typically do not emboss their items since it is an additional cost and could lose profits for their customers.

But remember that labels alter in time. For instance, the piece of Baker Furniture produced in 1940 is likely not to feature the iconic silver-plated or gold-plated marks. Instead, it will include a tag with an edgier version of the iconic logo, the letter ‘B, which is accompanied by the tulip and crown seated over it.  Furniture Direct UK

The crown symbolizes the traditional craftsmanship of the company’s artisans, and the tulip symbolizes Dutch craftsmanship and refers to the company’s founder. Many copycats wouldn’t be aware of this, which is why you can’t be able to find this information in a replica.

The Mechanisms

Designers are artists of Furniture Warehouse Sunderland in their hearts. They are complicated at designing distinctive furniture on every level, which is relevant to the features they incorporate into their designs. You can benefit from this and utilize your expertise in the field to determine whether the furniture piece you plan to buy to furnish your client’s house is authentic or fake.

For example, most Vanguard chests we carry include a soft-close feature built inside the drawers. Most knock-offs do not have this feature as it’s expensive to incorporate, and most buyers will not even know about it if they don’t examine the specifics of the initial item.

The Price

Luxury furniture can be expensive since you’re paying for the expertise and time of experts in the field and high-quality materials. 

We understand that your customer might be reluctant to shell out the money to purchase a quality furniture item at a cost even though shops sell knock-offs at a much lower price. However, it is essential to encourage them to commit to their home. Living room storage furniture UK

If you’re looking for a particular piece of furniture to furnish your client’s house and find it offered at a lower price instead of being for sale, this should be a red flag. Warning.

For instance, if you discovered an online shop offering a high-end Nuevo occasional chair for $600, likely, the customer would not get the original product from Nuevo but instead get an unprofessional copy as the suggested retail price for a chair that is used on occasion from Nuevo is more than twice that amount.

The best method to confirm whether the price you’ve observed is advertised is to go to the online store of the manufacturer of furniture and look up the cost of the furniture. You can also get a catalog from the manufacturer, which lists all their current products and the prices they are typically sold for.

Many manufacturers also keep lists of stores where their products are sold to determine if the shop you are planning to purchase from is a reliable retailer of that manufacturer’s product.

At Decor House, we make it simple for customers to know the brands we carry. Visit our brand’s webpage to learn more about the brand.

The Material and Finish

Luxurious furniture has a feeling. The most recognizable pieces of reputable brands are built with top-quality materials to create this sensation. 

This means you can utilize the type of material to distinguish quality furniture because replicas don’t have the time to locate high-quality materials for their copies as they want to make the sale as quickly as possible. 

Instead, they utilize this time to refine the appearance and design of their replica.

You can tell an authentic item by looking at the minor details on furniture pieces. If you’re buying an upholstered sofa that claims to be made by the brand Councill Check, ensure the fabric is clean and well-tied with no wrinkles or fabric. If it’s not tied correctly, this indicates a problem.

We give our customers a tip to look over the stitch pattern on upholstery pieces. The presence of stitches is a sign of quality, whereas uneven stitching suggests that artisans were probably rushed to complete the piece, implying that it’s not genuine luxurious furniture.

If the hue of the fabric isn’t uniform, it is another ed flag since an expensive piece of furniture could never be taken out from a warehouse if it didn’t pass the stringent test for branding. This is especially applicable to furniture with wood parts. 

For example, The Councill Pamela Side Chair has wooden parts. They should be finished evenly in stain color, and the wood must have no visible knots. The sign of quality that is often lacking in knock-offs is the chair’s joints. A piece that is from a prestigious brand must not have apparent joints.

We recommend you check out the manufacturer’s website and the available materials for the product you’re considering purchasing to furnish your client’s house. Comparing these products with those you find on the retailer’s website is essential. If they’re not the same, this indicates that the furniture you’re looking at isn’t a genuine luxury.

The Base

It’s easy to overlook the significance of the structure of the piece, which is why the majority of fakes are revealed by it. Most of the time, the fakes will possess more legs than the original piece it was designed on. 

For instance, a deluxe dining table could include only one pedestal base; however, a fake table has two pedestal bases that support a poor table top. For the uninitiated, it could appear as if the fake is merely an altered version of the real thing, which is why it is crucial to research the manufacturer before investing.

Leg caps on chairs are also standard to differ from the original model on replicas since most people do not see these subtle variations. Therefore, to understand how to recognize high-end furniture compared to knock-offs, it is essential to be aware of the small particulars.

The Size

The size of a high-end furniture piece is usually evident on a retailer’s website, so buyers know whether the furniture will be suitable for the space they have. If you cannot locate the measurements of the furniture that you are considering, it could mean that the seller is trying to hide these dimensions from you deliberately. This could indicate that the furniture you buy for your client will not be a high-end item.

The dimensions of any furniture piece on the brand’s website So if you’re not sure whether the piece you’re considering buying is authentic or not, you can compare the dimensions to those provided on the manufacturer’s site.

If the item has arrived at your client’s home and is more significant than you anticipated, pull out the measuring tape and determine if the measurements match the ones available on the company’s website. If they aren’t, you should return the item and shop with another vendor.

It is always recommended to check the height of the seat of any chair you buy since a copy may be off by just a few inches.

We have the measurements of every piece in our store available for our customers to check. So, visit our website to find out what a reliable store appears like.


The last trick you could apply to determine if the furniture piece you are considering is a luxury item is only applicable if you’ve purchased the furniture for your client’s home about the packaging the furniture was delivered in. 

Many brands make use of every marketing opportunity that is available. This means taking advantage of the empty furniture boxes you put outside your house on garbage day. If the item arrives in lightboxes without barcodes or labels, It’s probably an imitation.


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