Engagement Ring

Find the Right Jeweler to Design Your Engagement Ring

Are you planning to propose to your about-to-be wife with a custom engagement ring? If you are, you need to first look for the most reputable jewelry designer to build your own engagement rings.

In contrast to what many believe, having an engagement ring personalized with your selection of loose diamonds and setting isn’t a complicated procedure.

Most reputable diamond sellers online have web-based custom ring designers that you can rely on.

Other Things to Consider When You Design Your Own Engagement Rings

  1. Decide on Your Carat Weight Range

The diamond’s carat weight you decide on will greatly affect its look. It’ll affect its cost, too. The cost of diamonds rises swiftly with carat weight. It signifies that even a slight distinction can lead to a great rise or savings.

Due to this, it is vital to describe the carat weight you are seeking prior to beginning to compare diamonds. Along with aiding you in averting reckless spending, knowing the estimated carat weight you wish for too allows you to set fine search filters on a renowned designer.

  1. Know the Ring Settings

While you create your own engagement rings, it is important to go for the ideal ring setting, too. The ring setting style that you decide on has a great influence on how your end product will appear. Due to this, it is vital to select a ring that compliments your preference for diamonds.

Further than the appearance of your stone, you must select a ring setting that matches the personality and lifestyle of your about-to-be. There are some settings that are very long-lasting, and some let more light pass through the diamond, which enhances its brilliance.

  1. Know the Diamond Shape

Diamonds and many other stones in the center of engagement rings are available in various shapes. These can be princess cut, pear cut, brilliant round cut, etc.

If you are aware of your future wife’s preference for diamond shape, it can be easier for you to pick the ideal shape for custom design engagement rings.

Typically, a round-cut shape is considered the safest choice. It is a great preference in case you are unsure about your fiancée’s liking.

Benefits of Working with a Trusted Jeweler

  1. Long-term warranty

  2. Matchless consideration of detail

  3. Inexpensive pricing and payment plans

  4. Comprehensive quality assurance

Questions To Ask a Jeweler Before You Choose Your Engagement Rings Style

  1. What kind of jewelry do you have in your collection?
  2. How much time will the jeweler take to design the engagement ring?
  3. Are they certified and established?
  4. How does the jewelry designer take care of the diamond certificate and evaluation?
  5. What are the policies of jewelers when it comes to returns and warranties?


Are you in search of a reputable jewelry designer to create your own engagement ring? Then, Henry Wilson Jewelers can be the best destination to choose. Contact them and book an appointment with their designers today.


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