Do Lab Grown Diamonds Have Good Luster, Brilliance, And Toughness?

Want to buy the perfect diamond engagement ring but not sure where to start? Buying an expensive ring that’s made from lab-grown diamonds can be tricky when you don’t know what to look for. That’s why we put together this guide on how to choose the perfect lab grown diamond engagement ring so you can make the right decision without breaking the bank!

Does It Cost Less Than Natural Diamonds?

While it’s not a strictly universal rule, generally speaking, lab grown diamonds cost less than natural diamonds. To understand why it’s important to take a look at how a lab grown diamond is made. Traditional diamonds are formed hundreds of miles below ground when coal is subjected to immense pressure and temperature for millions of years. This process occurs naturally, resulting in rough diamonds that must be cut and polished before they can be used in jewelry.

With lab grown diamonds, scientists simulate natural processes by recreating these conditions under laboratory conditions to produce gem-quality crystals without sacrificing their complex crystal structure or purity. The result? Lab grown diamond engagement rings that carry with them all of nature’s beauty but have every advantage conferred by modern technology – including price! Lab grown diamonds can even rival mined diamonds in terms of quality, durability and brilliance. They’re so similar that many jewelers don’t even differentiate between lab grown diamond engagement rings and mined ones when displaying merchandise. If you want an ethically sourced ring without having to pay a premium for it then lab grown diamonds might just be your best bet!

4 Easy Steps to Choosing Your Lab Grown Diamond: 1) Figure out what you want: Figure out what kind of ring you want – there are plenty of options available depending on your tastes and budget. Maybe you like princess cuts or maybe you prefer round brilliant cuts instead. Or maybe both? Maybe yellow gold is more your style while white gold works better for your significant other.

Are They More Durable?

Are lab grown diamonds more durable than mined diamonds? The answer is a resounding yes! Lab grown diamonds aren’t exposed to weather, changes in temperature or dramatic shifts in pressure like mined diamonds are. Plus, there are no rough-cutters and polishers involved. One-of-a-kind one-carat lab grown diamonds can have up to 54 facets, which improves their clarity, colour and sparkle compared with conventional round diamond cuts (14 facets). So they’re not only cheaper than most mined gemstones; they also last longer too! Lab grown diamond engagement rings boast hardness of up to 800 karats—which means that it’s virtually impossible for them to scratch or chip. Lab grown diamonds are so hard that even other types of diamonds will crack when struck against them. This makes lab grown diamonds great options for daily wear rings as well as jewelry you want to pass down through generations. Lab grown diamond Pendants are often better choices than mined gemstones because they’re rarely treated with lasers or other chemicals during production. Unlike treated stones, they don’t require special care when cleaning, wearing or storing either! It should be noted however that some types of treated lab created gems such as synthetic moissanite have fewer maintenance requirements than natural stones do.

Does It Sparkle As Much As A Natural Diamond Does?

The purpose of a diamond engagement ring is, quite literally, to sparkle. Nothing says that your bride-to-be is the one like sending her family out on a scavenger hunt just to find her ring. But lab grown diamonds cost considerably less than natural diamonds, making them an attractive alternative for some couples. The only way lab grown diamond engagement rings can truly compete with their natural counterparts is if they shine with as much brilliance and lustre—or if you’re lucky enough that your spouse-to-be has no idea what you paid for it! Read on for tips on how not to tip off your bride about your expense choice.

What Are Some Reputable Labs For Lab Grown Diamond Rings?

Whether you’re looking for a lab grown diamond engagement ring or a lab grown diamond pendant, you should do some research on where your diamond was created. Generally speaking, there are three labs in which most labs create their diamonds: GTI Lab, Color Nano Lab and International Gem Laboratories (IGL). In addition to choosing a reputable lab, be sure that when shopping for an engagement ring, you ask what karat your stone is; that will tell you whether it is an IGL-created or non-IGL lab grown diamond. You should also ask if they offer any other certifications as well. If they don’t sell 100% certified diamonds, then walk away—you have no business doing with them.

What About Colored Gemstones Like Sapphires And Rubies In Lab Created Jewelry?

Good or bad idea? Do these lab grown gemstones have good colour intensity, brilliance, and toughness like a natural gemstone? There are a lot of tradeoffs when it comes to lab created colored gems. However, there is one main advantage that only a lab grown diamond earrings has – cost. A lab created emerald will cost you about 2% of what you would pay for a mined emerald. So it makes sense if you find your dream stone but it’s way too expensive then maybe you should consider getting your dream stone in a lab created a form so that you can own that gem at a fraction of its mined value. Cost is king.


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