Unique Packaging

Custom Tea light Candle Boxes in Unique Packaging

Custom tea light candle boxes-Tea light candles are small in size and used on every occasion like a twinkle. They are used for many purposes like taking photos, dressing space and creating an imaginary scene on the table. It can also be used in massage centers and salons because these candles are considered a way of relaxation. Our company designs custom tea light candle boxes with little variation.

The first step of custom boxes is to make the boxes unique in the market, and for it, we prefer to print the logo. The prime aim of the logo is to grow the company by giving identity. The logo retains consumers’ trust and helps make the product a branded product. 

Our designer suggests for typography logo. The typography logo has a few letters derived from the company’s name. To design the logo and printing of tea light candle boxes, we have CMYK and PMS colors with a wide variety of colors. 

Our custom candle boxes are elegant that retain the customers by their beauty. An insertion is our current method that issues safety to candles by dividing boxes into tailor partitioning. We have two types of partition simple cardboard and the other is the fence, but both are protective. If you want to give your tea light candle boxes extra protection, you should try our foam insertion. 

Material and its Beneficial Types       

Material is a substance that we use to manufacture the packaging boxes. The company works with top-quality materials like corrugated, cardboard, and Kraft. We receive these materials from trees and plants.

Manufacturing is a safe way to produce tea light candle boxes that use less foot carbon and make them nature friendly. Our company wants to entertain you with maximum benefits with less expense. Candles are put together with wax that can melt with heat. So, the material must be safe to save the candles from extreme temperatures. Cardboard corrugated are safe packaging for tea light candle boxes because of their sustainability, durability, and rigid features. It delivers your candles safely to your doorstep.

Ample Range of Boxes

We have trained staff that converts your ideas into graceful packaging. Our custom tea light candle boxes catch customers’ attention from far and make their buying decision positive with their lavish look. 

We draft numerous boxes in various shapes and sizes. Our enforced design of custom boxes is tea light candle boxes, foot lock trays, regular six corners boxes, double wall tuck, auto bottom tray, 1, 2, 3 auto bottom, tuck end auto boxes, hut boxes, hexagon boxes, one-piece box, two-piece box, and sleeve boxes. These custom designs can be more adorable with our gloss and matt laminations. Gloss converts the surface into shiny and matt converts into a smooth surface.

Give a Captivating Look with Printing.  

We use handy printing techniques to give a finishing look to tea light candle boxes. The company always tries to make the packaging perfect for tea light candle boxes, and we work with super methods of printing machines.

Printing methods are digital printing, 3D printing, offset printing, screen printing, and flexography; if you want to add more charm to the packaging, tell our staff, which will provide you with a list of add-on methods. Every add-on method is distinctive and has an awesome result. Tea light candle boxes need a protection layer. So, they can save from liquid and dust and for it we recommend our aqueous sheet. You can also avail of our PVC sheet that works as a protector, but it is not safe for traveling and is a little costly.  



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