Scope Of Cabin Crew

Career Scope Of Cabin Crew Courses

Cabin crew is a broad term that includes flight supervisors, pursuers, air hostesses, and flight attendants. Their job is to take care of the convenience and safety of the passengers travelling on the flight. Their fundamental tasks are to check passengers’ tickets, help them in storing baggage and demonstrate safety regulations like fastening seat belts, use of emergency equipment, show exit doors etc. They also keep a check on the availability of first-aid kits, medicines and other emergency equipment on board. On the flight, they also serve food and beverages. They are instructed to deal with emergencies, apply safety practices, and assist passengers. The cabin crew is also expected to tackle unusual problems, like the ill health of passengers and much more.

Details of the Cabin Crew Courses

The minimum education qualification for becoming a cabin crew is a 10+2 pass or a graduate from a recognized Board or University. Plenty of institutes are offering several diploma and certificate courses, like Diploma in Airline and Travel Management, Cabin Crew Certificate of Diploma in Professional Cabin Crew Services, Diploma in Professional Ground Staff Services, International Diploma in Cabin Crew Training, and Certificate courses in Flight Attendant Training, Airport Operations, Basic Travel Management, Basic Airline Management, and many more. The candidates must be between the age group of 17-27 years. Moreover, some physical qualities are also needed for the course. The minimum height required of the candidates should be 157.5 centimetres and weight should be in ratio to the height. Most airlines designate only unmarried candidates. Candidates must have usual eyesight of 6/6 uncorrected vision in each eye. The candidate should be fluent in multiple languages, which may be an added benefit. Candidates must have a delightful personality. Many quick duration training courses are also accessible for cabin crew members.

Cabin Crew Career Prospects

Cabin crew teams have numerous career alternatives. They can attempt job opportunities in public sector airlines. Yet, most cabin crew teams opt for private airlines operating on domestic and international routes. With proper experience, they can become supervisors and assign and supervise the task of junior cabin crew teams. Abundant airlines enable cabin crew teams to opt for different jobs within the airline, depending on their appropriateness for the positions accessible. Some airlines allocate routine administrative and additional ground responsibilities to senior flight crew members.

Top Colleges Offering UG/PG/Other Cabin Crew Courses

As the career demands for cabin crew are expanding day by day, multiple training institutes in India are offering numerous courses for cabin crew candidates. Some well-known institutes among them are: Indian Airlines Ltd., New Delhi; Sahara India Aviation Academy, New Delhi; Skyline Educational Institute, New Delhi; Flytech Aviation Academy, Secunderabad; Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai; Kuoni Academy of Travel, Delhi; Freebird Aviation & Management Services, Trivandrum; Avalon Aviation Academy, New Delhi and Jammu; Airawat Aviation Academy, Mumbai; and Institute of Hotel Management, Ahmedabad and many more.

Cost of Undertaking Cabin Crew Course

The course fee is between Rs 50,000-1,50,000 depending on the course and the institute you will pursue. But for becoming a cabin crew, one has to work towards getting assigned by an airline, they give free practice with a stipend making the course even more reasonable to acquire.


The pay scales are certainly impressive and perks and compensations are attractive in the airlines. The earnings of a cabin crew member are nearly between Rs. 20,000-25,000/month in public sector airlines. In private airlines, members can expect higher pay packages. Furthermore, with attractive extras, cabin crew members get free air tickets for themselves and their family members on the routes covered by the airlines. With skilful experience, a cabin crew member can effortlessly earn Rs. 30,000 – 40,000/month, with senior personnel drawing up to Rs. 75,000 per month. The Cabin Crew member working with the International Airlines can earn between Rs. 9-10 Lakhs/year. Some airlines provide an extra stipend for working on off days too.

Working Hours

The working hours of the cabin crew are usually 9-12 hours/day. They can normally fly 36-50 hours a week. Cabin crew work shifts usually include irregular and unsocial hours. Working early mornings, through the night, at weekends and on public holidays are normal for a cabin crew member. Working hours may vary weekly with some airlines. One may sometimes have to work or be flexible on their days off if their return trip is cancelled or postponed, but they’ll be repaid in these cases.


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