Blogger VS WordPress

Hi guys, do you want to start your own blog? If you are searching for which platform you should choose to make your blog and you are confused about this. Here you will get complete guidance on which platform you should choose for your blog and which platform is best.

Here we are going to discuss different features of blogger and WordPress. You will find complete details about every topic and which platform will fulfill your needs. SO let’s start our topic blogger vs WordPress.

Blogger vs WordPress

  1. Cost:

When you start blogging on blogger it will give you free hosting and a free subdomain. You can start your own blog without spending any money on it. However if you want to connect a custom domain with your blog then you will have to purchase a domain name otherwise blogger is free of cost.

As compare to blogger WordPress is also a free CMS to create a blog website. If you want to make your blog without spending any money then WordPress will also give you a free hosting and domain to start your blog. But if you want to purchase your own domain and hosting for your blog then it will be costly for you. Otherwise it is also free.

  1. SEO:

However if you want to do a better SEO then blogger is not a right option for you. As blogger has some limited features about SEO like it will make your site header as H1 for all your content. Therefore you cannot make your article title as H1. If you done it will create two header tags which is not best for the SEO.

However WordPress is the best CMS for the SEO point of view forever. It is the best CMS than any other. If you are an SEO expert and you want to do better SEO then you should choose WordPress for your blog website.

  1. Themes:

In this feature, blogger doesn’t have many themes to make your blog beautiful. It has many themes but less than WordPress. 

WordPress has millions of themes to make your website beautiful. You can select any theme which attracts you. The themes of WordPress are also better for SEO.

  1. Ease of use:

As compared to WordPress blogger is easy to use. It has limited features. It has a simple interface that can be handled easily by a new blogger.

But if we talk about WordPress it has many features. Therefore its dashboard is difficult to use by a new blogger. 

  1. Feature:

If we talk about a feature you will see that blogger doesn’t have many features. It has limited features to use. But these limited features are enough for a blogger.

As compared to blogger WordPress has many features to use. We can increase its features by installing plugins on it. It has many plugins to be used. If you want any feature on it you can install a plugin related to the feature.

Which is recommended Blogger vs WordPress?

Both are easy and simple to use. But we will recommend you to use blogger if you want just to create a blog nothing other, but if you want to create a professional website for your business then it will be better to use WordPress because WordPress has a lot of features.


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