Himachal Pradesh

Bhrigu Lake Trek – Best weekend trek in Himachal Pradesh

Introduction –

Weekends are those time periods which drives people towards short getaways. There are various places to visit on weekends throughout the year. For the people who lives in North India, specifically nearer to Himachal Pradesh, there are a lot of options for short trips at the weekend. Most of the people prefer family vacations usually but what is becoming more common and fun and exciting these days is the growing craze for trekking activities. A lot of youngsters are keen on discovering new places by going on a trek. The Himachal Pradesh serves as a major hotspot of trekking opportunities. There are enormous number of options to choose from. One of the most popular and common trekking sites is the Bhrigu Lake trek. 

Located in the Himachal Pradesh and hosting a wide range of scenic views, the Bhrigu Lake trek is a treat to the eyes. The trek usually starts from Gulaba, a place 20 kilometres away from Manali, another famous travel destination in Himachal Pradesh. The trek is of moderate ascent and offers beautiful landscapes and views. It would usually take 3 days to cover the whole journey of the trek. So if you get a long weekend holiday then you can definitely prefer going on this trek with your friends. Manali can be reached by road from any City more specifically if you are travelling from Delhi. And more 20 kilometres from that would help you reach Gulaba. 

How to prepare for the trek- 

It is advisable that you keep certain things in mind before proceeding with this trek. Even though it is a trek of moderate ascent you should always be best prepared for such a kind of activity. Firstly you should definitely consider wearing appropriate clothes for the trek. One should pack warm clothes which ought to include a jacket, gloves, fleece, warm pants, waterproof pants, a raincoat, an umbrella among others. The next important thing is to think about how to pack your bag. Well it is advisable to pack  light as you have to carry your bag throughout the trek. 

If you are travelling alone and if you like going on solo treks then you should definitely carry a tent, an insulation mattress, a sleeping bag, a torch, snow goggles, tissue papers and other essential stationery requirements. You should definitely carry hiking shoes with ankle support and water proofing.

It is also to be of concern that if you are going for a trek for the first time then it is advisable that you consult a physician and check if you are healthy and fit for the trek. 

Since there are no food sources on any point of the trek you should carry some go to dry food items with you. 

If you are going to camp alone in the wild then make sure that you carry matches for lighting a fire . Carry deodrant to spray on the tent for keeping away wild animals.

Fun and adventurous trek –

This trek would be one of the best and fun and full of adventure trek for you. The roads would lead you to one of the best scenic views of the Himalayas. The surroundings are so mesmerizing that you would not want to come back. Once you reach the Bhrigu Lake you will realise why the trek is so worth it. It is said that sage Bhrighu used to meditate near that Lake hence the name. Locals over there below that the lake never freezes completely even in the winters because of the spiritual side of this. Thus it is a beautiful place to visit . However beyond the fun and excitement you should keep in mind that the trek would not be so easy. There would not be any mobile network beyond Gulaba. So connectivity would be totally cut. This should be kept in mind. It could fetch you uninvited problems as well but you should be well prepared to face any challenges. 

Conclusion –

The trek would be a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone. So if I get a chance to do it, don’t miss out on it. Say Yes to the plan, pack your bags and move out. It is my promise that you will enjoy it thoroughly if you love adventure and being on treks. So pick a weekend and go on with the plan.


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