Wash a Puffer Jacket

An Easy Guide On How to Wash a Puffer Jacket

The chilling and cold breezes of winters can be very uncomfortable if you don’t have warm clothes to keep you cozy and warm. And when it comes to outwears that can protect you from the cold winds and temperatures, what can be a better one than a puffer jacket?

A puffer jacket, also known as a quilted jacket, features a signature quilted design with sections that have a puffy area between the stitching. These puffy areas are filled with synthetic fibers and down insulations that offer a high level of warmth. 

These jackets are the best ones for winters. The fabric and lining of these puffer jackets can embrace you with warmth and coziness in very low temperatures. Puffer jackets can be quite expensive, but they are definitely worth investing in. 

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As comfortable and useful these jackets can be in winters, some people believe that it can be quite a hassle to wash them. Well, it can be quite hard to wash a puffer jacket, but with some smart tips and tricks, you can easily wash your puffer jacket and cherish the original look of it.

Here, in this detailed guide, we will be sharing some simple ways that’ll help you in washing your puffer jacket. So, let’s dig in.

Step no. 1: Check the label

First things first. Before washing your puffer jacket, always check the label on the back of your puffer jacket. These labels clearly instruct the way of washing or cleaning your puffer jacket. If it states that it should be hand washed, then do so, and never use a washing machine.

Step no. 2: Remove the stains

Next, look for the obvious stains on your puffer jacket. Spot them out, and use a damp piece of cloth to wipe off these stains from your jacket. You can use soap water to wipe off rigid stains. For soapy water, you will need a mild detergent and warm water. Mix a generous amount of detergent in the water and wipe off the stain using this mixture. 

Step no. 3: Secure the zippers and fasteners

Once you are done, empty the pockets, and secure all the zippers and fasteners on the puffer jacket so the jacket can be soaked evenly. Also, make sure to secure the loose Velcro. 

Step no. 4: Soak the jacket

It is not necessary to wash your puffer jacket every time you wear it. Instead, go with the damp cloth cleaning, but when it’s been long and the dirt has been built-up on your puffer jacket, then you can go for cleaning and soaking it. 

To wash your puffer jacket by hand, you need to fill a tub or bucket with cool water. The container that you choose must be large enough to fit down your entire jacket. Add a full spoon of mild detergent in the container that holds water, and mix it up well, until foams form. 

Soak your puffer jacket in the bucket/tub full of water for an hour. Make sure the jacket is fully submerged and soaked, so that it can get a detailed cleaning.

Step no. 5: Rinse the jacket 

Drain out the soapy water from the container, and fill it again with clean cool water. Soak your puffer jacket again in the clean water and rinse it until the bubbles come out from the jacket. Keep on repeating the process of rinsing the jacket by draining out the bubbly water and filling it with clean water. This step must be repeated until the puffer jacket is free of bubbles. 

Step no. 6: Squeeze the water from the jacket

Once the jacket is free of suds, lift out your jacket and squeeze it gently from different sections. Extract the water from the jacket until there’s no water dripping off. 

Step no. 7: Dry the jacket

Next, place your puffer jacket in the dryer with 2-3 dryer balls, to ensure that the jacket stays puffy. Set the dryer to a low heat setting. Once the jacket is dried in the machine, place it on a hanger and then hang it in your closet.


A puffer jacket is warmest piece of outwear that is trending the most in both men’s and women’s wear. These jackets can embrace you with great warmth, comfort and coziness in very low temperatures, along with great style and elegance. Invest in a good puffer jacket and make sure to take good care of it, so that it may last long enough to serve you with elegance, grace and style.