Electrical Safety

A Guide to Electrical Safety Certificate Cost and Other Relevant Matters

Providing an electrical safety certificate involves no rocket science for any qualified electrician. Thus, almost every electrician can provide you with the service as well as the certificate. This document is vital for any landlord or tenant to get peace of the mind. In this blog post let us discuss electrical safety certificate and relevant topics in as much details as possible so that you get optimum clarity.

An electrical safety certificate – what is it?

An electrical safety certificate is also referred to as EICR drawn from acronym. It is a detailed report that brings out the state or condition of electrical systems and installation in a building – either residential or commercial. The effort and the time that go into preparing an EICR provide a clear picture whether the infrastructure in its current state is capable to bear the stress of latest electrical loads. It also informs about the existing electrical safety standards. This test must be repeatedly done every 3 to 5 years. Now you may be wondering why this process was designed? It is meant to ensure all your electrical appliances, fixtures and wiring are safe from any hazard or defect.

Every homeowner should better realise the importance of an EICR. The UK has plenty of certified electricians to issue these certificates. In simple words these documents state the electrical connectors and applications in a specific property are in perfect working condition and are smoothly functioning.

What is the cost of an EICR?

The cost of an EICR is not uniform and varies from case to case. A number of factors determine the cost including how much complexity is involved in a case. The necessary test does not take more than a day to get conducted. However, that also depends on several factors including the size of a property.

Average price for an electrical safety certificate

As far as the UK is concerned, the cost of obtaining an Electrical Safety Certificate ranges between £150 and £240 for a standard size home. It is important to mention in the ongoing context that the price range mentioned here is exclusive of VAT. To make things easier for you we have prepared this chart below –

  • House with one bedroom – the cost usually starts from £150.
  • House with 2 bedrooms – the cost usually starts from £160.
  • House with 3 bedrooms – the cost usually starts from £180.
  • House with 4 bedrooms – the cost usually starts from £210.
  • House with 5 bedrooms – the cost usually starts from £240.

This chart can be your useful guideline and you can get a clear and realistic idea about how the size of a property can bring about a difference in the cost. For a more proper or accurate quotation for your property do get in touch with our team at the Electric Works London.

Other costs to take into consideration

A certified electrician is likely to charge around £200 for this job a day. However, this is a roughly estimated price and is likely to vary from place to place. Usually, an electrical safety inspection takes anywhere between 3 and 6 hours to get complete. Many new tenant services include this cost of electrical safety tests. Thus, there is no point to pay the labour fee for the entire day.

Depending on the location of your home few other regulatory costs may be included with it. Specialised tests may have to be conducted based on the electrical equipment installed in your property. In order to get a clear-cut understanding of all these factors get in touch with a registered electrician near you as soon as possible. It is relevant mentioning that few electrical services companies offer discount on EICR to landlords who own multiple properties.

How much time does an EICR take to finish?

The process to get an electrical safety certificate is pretty straightforward and simple. Your chosen electrician first comes to visit your property on your request. Based on that visit the professional gives you a quote. If you are satisfied with that price, you fix a date and time for the electrical safety report testing that is to be carried out. An EICR takes at least 2 to 4 hours to get over. EICR for larger properties obviously takes longer time compared to smaller ones. The time also depends on the number of circuits that are being tested.

You should always hire a local electrician to carry out an electrical safety test in your property. Book them in advance so that they can prepare an extensive plan to provide you satisfactory service at your convenient date and time. This will not hamper your plans or working hours.

How to get an electrical safety certificate

As far as rented properties are concerned, it is the sole responsibility of landlords to ensure the electrical system that is put up is safe and tenants get to live in an electrically safe atmosphere. At the same time, it is also the landlord’s duty to see the safe electrics system is maintained accordingly. If a safe electrical system is not maintained in the right way, it is bound to become unsafe almost in no time. In order to maintain electrical systems properly a landlord has to arrange an electrical inspection in the rented property every five years.

But before requesting an EICR you must address any electrical issue which is potentially dangerous. If you want your property pass the certification process – particularly the British Standard BS 7671 certification – you cannot afford to ignore wiring of the building. However, it is important mentioning electrical rewiring is a costly affair.

Electrical safety certificate cost for a house with 1-bedroom ranges within £80 to £100, whereas that for a property with 2 or 3 bedrooms is within £120 and £150. The price goes up anywhere between £160 and £200 for houses with 4 to 5 bedrooms. On the given date and time your chosen electrician inspects and tests your electrical installations including sockets, appliances and light fittings to ensure those are in fine working condition. The test also includes different potential safety risks and identifying faulty electrical connections and overloaded extension outlets. After successful completion of the task the professional summarises the findings in a written document which is called the Electrical Safety Certificate.


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