Golf Outfit

9 Stylish and Fashionable Women’s Golf Outfit Ideas

Are you invited to hit the green and play golf with your office colleagues this weekend? But wait, do you know what to wear? Though sports are said to have a non-fashion profile, we believe that your outfit can boost up your mood and energy, and have a great impact on your game for the day, don’t you agree? 

Today, women golfers have made their way into this sport, with their dedication, hard work and motivation. You’re great as a player! But are you well-dressed for the game though? Well, don’t you worry, because you haven’t figured out what to wear for the game, this is your rescue spot girl. 

Golf has a reputation for smart style. It is a serious game, with keen dedication and precision. You can’t risk your shot just because your long dress blew in the wrong direction because of the wind, or the fringes on your leather jacket came into view. You need to focus on the game, with style and grace. Dungeons & Dragons Chris Pine Jacket has a classic collection of women’s golf outfits that you’ll love to go through and choose from. 

Here, in this article, we will be sharing 9 stylish and fashionable women’s golf outfit ideas that you can wear for your game for the day out with colleagues. 

  • Black jumpsuit

A black jumpsuit with a pee cap is the perfect outfit to wear for golf. The bodice fitting of the jumpsuit will compliment your physique and give you the confidence to play with style and strength. The pee cap will make sure to keep you protected from direct sunlight and give you the chance to show your best shot. 

  • White tee and black jogger sweatpants

Make sure to put comfort ahead of everything. Going for a golf game with a plain white tee and black jogger sweatpants will be the best decision that you’ll make for the day. With this outfit, you can stay comfy whilst you spend your time on the green. Keep the jewelry selection minimal, such as a pearl necklace, wrist watch, stone ring and small silver studs. 

  • Black tee and black belt skirt

Keep it simple but don’t miss out on flaunting your look. With a plain black tee and a belt skirt, you can literally pull-off your look for the day. Add up a pair of white socks and sneakers to your outfit, and there’s the look that you deserve to own.

  • Pink polo and white track pants

 Go all girly for the golf game. Pick out a pink polo shirt and pair it up with a white track pant, white socks and joggers. Don’t you miss out on that cute little butterfly necklace and a silver toned wrist watch.

  • Black workout dress

Who says you can’t look chic and classy for a golf game? Get yourself a black workout dress and accessorize it with a pink pee cap. You can also wear opaque leggings if you wish. End up this look with black sneakers, and tie up a high ponytail. 

  • Blue crop top and blue tights

For the perfect breezy summer look, you can wear up a blue crop top and pair it up with blue tights. The cool blue color of your outfit will make sure to embrace you with a calming appearance. You can easily pull-off this look effortlessly. Oh, and you can always match up a pee cap with this outfit to keep yourself safe from getting sunburned. 

  • Pink checkered shirt and a white skirt

To look pretty and all set for the day, go with a pink sleeveless shirt and a white skirt. To add up accessories to this outfit, you can pick out white golf gloves, leggings and joggers. Endeavor this look.

  • Blue full sleeved shirt and aqua blue skirt

Take good care of the colors that you choose. Picking out a blue long sleeved shirt to go along with an aqua blue colored skirt will make you look dainty and cool. Wear up your white joggers and a white pee cap to get done with the look for the day.

  • Black sporty dress 

Black can never go wrong, can it? Going along with a black ebony dress and white joggers, can be the best outfit that you’ve ever chosen. Tie up a high ponytail, get your nails done and pick out the best nude lip color that you have.


Golf is a beautiful sport that asks for focus, precision and dedication. Make sure to dress up well for the game on the green, as it can boost up your confidence and have a great impact on the shot you take.