9 Foods to Wake Your Brain

9 Foods to Wake Your Brain up Before Attempting the Escape Room

Before attempting or heading towards the Escape Room, you must prepare. To beat the challenging puzzles or riddles in the game, it is better to come prepared. Whether you are playing it for the first time or before, you must ensure that your brain and body are adequately fueled. The food we eat has a significant impact on our brains. So, here are nine food items to wake your brain up before attempting the Escape Room

  • Egg yolk is rich in lots of protein, giving sustained energy to the brain all day. Since protein takes time to digest, it will keep you feeling full for longer. It boosts your brainpower. It maintains the memory and communication between brain cells and helps regulate the mood, which will help you stay calm throughout the game. 


  • Caffeine is a CNS stimulant that elevates mood and increases the excitability of the brain. It promotes various aspects of brain function, including alertness, reaction time, and learning. Its effect can last up to 10-12 hours.  


  • Almonds not just improve memory but are a great source of energy. It helps in reducing blood pressure and lowers sugar levels. Undoubtedly, it helps boost your intelligence levels by keeping your brain active in thoughtful activities like Escape Games.  


  • Walnuts are a great source of healthy fat and protein. The best way to consume walnuts is to soak them in water overnight and eat them empty in the morning.  


  • Peanuts are rich in fiber and protein and have high levels of vitamin E. They have a positive impact on memory and stress response. It keeps the body’s energy level up throughout the day.   


  • Chia Seeds are well-known brain food. It has more proteins than grains. It helps our body to stay hydrated. It increases brain function, is also suitable for the heart, and improves body metabolism.  


  • Banana contains magnesium and dopamine, which helps in fighting against stress. Its vitamin B6 reduces anxiety symptoms or prevents the high risk of depression.  


  • Greek Yogurt is also rich in carbohydrates, a significant amount of protein, and vitamins which provide energy to the body. It has less sugar than other types of yogurts. It is packed with brain-boosting nutrients.  


  • Avocados are also good for the brain. They are loaded with essential nutrients which improve the blood supply and oxygenation to the brain. Its oil is comprised of monosaturated fats, which will enhance learning and general brain function.  

Eating brain-boosting diet help both short- and long-term brain functionality. It requires a certain amount of nutrients to stay healthy. Food items that can help to stave off hunger and improve brain function are precisely what you should look for to undertake the mentally challenging task in Escape Room. The food items listed above help in improving concentration and memory.


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