7 Tips To Stay Motivated During Examination

The finals can be chaotic for every student, no matter what they are studying. If you are having trouble with a lack of motivation, welcome to the club. Staying motivated for the examination is crucial for students, as they face a lot of stress, competition, and a hectic schedule. It is impossible to calm down and focus on yourself with all these things.

A positive and motivated person can do 100 times better than a demotivated person. While studying reference books makes the students hopeless. We also have an option for this; instead of referring to various reference books, students can go through NCERT Solutions for their reference. Here are some tips which can help to stay motivated during exams.

Seven motivational tips for examinations

1. Get a study partner

Nothing is better than having a study partner. Try to study with a friend or a group of people, and it’ll help you expand your knowledge and help you to focus on topics that you’ve missed while studying. Study buddies can give you a new way to achieve your goals. Set targets with your study groups so that it’ll get you motivated even if you’re not in the mood to study. A study group also lets you meet new people who have a similar interest or higher aim.

2. Take a break for a while

A break is necessary. It would help if you took a break when you are feeling stressed out, and it is necessary to take a break. After studying momentarily, the student’s mind stops working, and they cannot focus on the topic and end up wasting a lot of their time and energy. When your brain is tired, it stops the functioning of learning and understanding anything new. Try to take a break of 10 minutes after every 1.5 hours of studying. It’ll refresh your mind and will not bore you.

3. Take care of your body

For instance, if you study and clear your concepts and then get ill at the examination time. It will only waste your time and energy and will not benefit you. Taking proper rest and having complete meals are as necessary as studying is. Between study sessions, try to take a walk in the meantime, and do other activities and movements to boost your mood. Try to eat vegetables and drink more water and juices to keep yourself hydrated and focus on your studies.

4. Reward yourself

Reward yourself after achieving a weekly goal. No deed is worth unrewarded. Studies show that students who reward themselves with a little bit of achievement are highly motivated. Set some short-term goals and after achieving them, treat yourself with a reward. For example, after completing a big study session, treat yourself to a big meal, visit a friend, go out with friends, movies, or any other activity that excites you. 

5. Think optimistically

The power of optimistic thinking seems a bit surreal, but it’s true. Positive thinking will boost your mind and help you to get motivated. Follow motivational quotes, give yourself time, and see motivational videos that will help you to think optimistically. You can also use posters to get you motivated. Make sure that the posters include positive words, or you can refer to inspirational stories of the people.

6. Comfortable Environment

Get yourself a comfortable place where you can study without distraction. Sometimes it is good to have a notebook and pen to note down all the distractive thoughts troubling you for a while. The place should be device free and quiet, and then only you can stay focused. You can also meditate to get more comfortable and have peace.

7. Stay organized

Breaking the study flow will cause distractions that can be hectic. Make a list of things you need while studying and bring them beforehand. Getting up, again and again, can be a bit problematic. Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s just a phase. Try to organize your study plan as well. Do not refer to numerous study books. Try to stay focused on one at a point in time. For example, if you’re preparing for the board examination, first refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 10


We understand that exam time can be chaotic, and we cannot avoid or remove exams from our life. But what we can do is to avoid and remove stress which makes exams a problem. Stress has a larger impact on the result of the examination. You can deal with stress and stay motivated by following some simple steps. We hope these steps will be beneficial to your preparation.


Q1. How do I study like crazy?

Ans- You can take a walk, watch motivational sessions, and study-related movies during the break. But after taking the break, make sure you study effectively and give your best for the examination.

Q2. How can I love studying?

Ans- Instead of taking study as a task, take it as an activity. Study what you love, do not force yourself on the subjects you’re not passionate about. Try to adjust your learning schedule and style, and it will make your routine to study efficiently.

Q3. What is the best time to study?

Ans- The study found that the best time to study is in the evening. In the evening, students can easily understand the concept and recall the topics afterward.  


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