Bond Back Cleaning

6 Tips To Do When Cleaning Becomes Pain In Bond Back Cleaning

End of lease cleaning or bond cleaning is not for the faint-hearted, that’s for sure. If you take up this Olympian task, make sure that you are prepared for a few days of hard work. Well, hard work is not enough though – it is also important that you plan the cleaning well. The risks with bond cleaning are also there. If you use the wrong cleaning supplies, you can end up staining your prized carpets or rugs. If you apply too much pressure on your vacuum cleaner, it can also damage the fibres of the carpets.

This is why many people prefer hiring end of lease cleaners. Cities like Melbourne are great for move out cleaning services – there are a lot of options for the customer. Move out cleaning companies in Melbourne also offer a lot of additional services.

When your bond cleaning becomes too difficult for you, the best thing to do is to take a step back and analyse the situation. Continuing with the job can worsen the situation. Hiring bond cleaners is one option but there are other ways to tackle the issue as well.

Making your bond cleaning easy

Here are 6 tips that you can follow that’ll make your house cleaning simple and easy:

Make a plan and follow it step by step

A procedural approach to your bond cleaning is the right way to do it. Start by looking for the basic steps that all bond cleaners follow. You can easily find this online. Do a little bit of research on this. The next step is to jot down all the tasks that you have to do. You can categorise them as well according to your convenience. Divide these tasks into smaller tasks. This allows you to move through the to do list quickly and also gives you a sense of progress. This will keep you motivated.

Your step by step bond cleaning should be based on priority. High priority tasks should definitely be done first and you need to be extra careful while doing them. This includes cleaning carpets and fragile items. Make sure that you have a proper list of these tasks because it will also help you in delegating these to other people, in case you asked for help with your cleaning.

Move out and then clean

One of the biggest mistakes that people make during bond cleaning is that they start the process while they are packing or loading their belongings. Since move out cleaning is done during the time you vacate the house and hand it over to the house owner, the two should be synchronised properly.

Moving involves packing and loading and therefore can create a lot of mess. It can also damage your floors and tiles if not done properly. It is better to deal with one giant task (moving) before hopping on the next (cleaning).

Expert bond cleaning companies in Melbourne suggest that you move out completely before you even begin the process of cleaning. This will keep things uncomplicated and also allow you the much needed time to relax and keep track of the situation.

Prepare your equipment well

Before the moving day has arrived, you can prepare for the cleaning as well. Procure the necessary cleaning supplies and make note of how much of everything you will need. Bond cleaners in Melbourne are pretty helpful here as well – they can give genuine advice on cleaning supplies and equipment. If you don’t have the equipment, it is better to rent it rather than investing into a new one.

Ensure that you have everything prepared in terms of supplies and equipment before you even begin the process.

Change the filters on your vacuum cleaner and start with a clean dust bag. Use clean water with your steam carpet cleaning machine. Hard water or too many minerals can damage the carpet and stain it. Also, make sure that you purchase the right shampoo or cleaning solutions. They should ideally be free from corrosive ingredients.

Do your outdoor cleaning first

If your house has a backyard, you can begin the cleaning process even before you move out. This is an exception to the rule. You can mow the grass and start cleaning the patio and the porch. Pack everything that is placed there and move it inside. You’ll be loading them on the moving van in a few days anyway.

Outdoor cleaning also involves pressure washing the driveway and removing the dirt from under the front stairs.

Start with the small things

If it is your first time doing your own bond cleaning, it is important to stay motivated. The best way to do this is to start by doing small tasks. Cleaning all the mirrors in the house, for example, is easy and quick to deal with. Then you can move on to cleaning the bathroom – just the fixtures though. In time, you’ll realise that a large portion of the job has already been done. Major tasks like steam carpet cleaning or tile and grout cleaning can be divided into smaller tasks as well. The same goes with your kitchen cleaning.

Hire professional bond cleaners

When things get difficult for you, you can always ask for help from expert bond cleaners. These companies are professionals at their job and know exactly how to deal with end of lease cleaning. Fortunately, Melbourne and other cities like Perth and Adelaide have plenty of bond cleaning options for you. There are companies that have dedicated their entire service lines to bond cleaning.

Ensure that you pick an experienced and moderately priced company to do the move out cleaning for you. If you feel like it is getting too expensive for your liking, you can hire professional cleaners just for the most difficult tasks such as steam cleaning and grout cleaning.

Within time, you will be done with your end of lease cleaning and look back at it with a satisfied smile and a sense of accomplishment. You’ll be settled in your new house with the happy realisation that you can do your bond cleaning on your own!


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