Repeat Sales

4 Ways on How to Improve Your Repeat Sales with New Technology

When choosing who will give their services, the buyer in the field service sector is in complete control. Finding devoted clients in this industry might be challenging. It should be no surprise that repeats customers are crucial to maintaining and expanding your company, as repeat sales account for 40% of small businesses’ revenue. Fortunately, maintaining contact with these clients and ensuring they have a pleasant experience has never been simpler in today’s technologically advanced world. Here are four effective methods on how to improve your repeat sales by using new technology.

How to Improve Your Repeat Sales with New Technology

  • Keep tabs on your clients with CRM

Staying in touch and reminding them of their excellent prior experience with your business via CRM is the first step to generating a repeat client. Without detailed records of your earlier contacts, they will almost certainly be forgotten. Using customer relationship management software or CRM, you can save customer data in one place. Using CRM technology, you can keep track of crucial details like the date of service, the name of the business, the kinds of services offered, and more.

Then, you may export this data and utilise it to tailor your marketing outreach efforts later. You are building a priceless history of the relationship as the data for each consumer gets longer. The CRM record can be the source of truth for all your client interactions, including customer service incidents, marketing outreach, etc. This guarantees that your valuable customer knowledge won’t be lost when worker turnover occurs.

  • Deliver a satisfying experience With FSM

No matter how hard you work on contacting your old clients, if you don’t give them good service, they won’t ever want to come back to you. Using field service management software (FSM) can be easy to organise your service duties. This technology offers a variety of real-time information, including:

  • When a worker enters the location
  • Route and site address management
  • How much time it needed to finish the work
  • Building capabilities for service bundles and quotes
  • Payment options

Whether the work is big or small, having all this information in one location guarantees that your business is always on time and ready. Common time-consuming processes like scheduling, estimating quotes for HVAC or plumbing work, routing, and more can be aided with FSM software. Your clients will remember how well the task went with your firm by using an FSM tool like WorkWave and will be sure to employ you again.

  • Use surveys to evaluate your customers’ experiences

Another best way on how to improve your repeat sales is to get customer feedback on your service. You can get honest feedback from customer surveys. These surveys may serve two purposes that may encourage repeat business. These surveys can give you a list of clientele who have shown a desire to deal with you once more. Additionally, they might offer advice on how you can do better to win back their business. Customer feedback will be good for your business if you offer them the best discount codes and deals on your products. When contacting these clients, you should use the data gathered in these surveys as a wonderful resource.

  • Use email marketing

You can leverage the client data you’ve collected by personalising and developing marketing email messages. Sending hundreds of tailored emails to potential repeat customers fast and effectively is possible by using email marketing software. You can also personalize your email with the work you have did for them, or the achievements you made with him, and many things by connecting your CRM system and collecting information from it. In addition to getting their attention, this also shows them that you appreciate them as a client by reminding them of the value they received throughout previous engagements. You can also try giving online coupon codes on your email to engage them in purchasing your services or products. Customers are significantly more inclined to use your services again when they feel appreciated.

Wrap Up

Each of the systems above is effective on its own; however, when paired with the previously mentioned ones, your effectiveness and the scope of your previous clients significantly expand. The ROI makes investing in software solutions worth it for your company because it costs six to seven times more to get new consumers than it does to gain recurring business. If you’re wondering how to improve your repeat sales for your business, then make sure to implement the technologies mentioned above. You might even have more time to discover new clients thanks to the time your field service software can save you!


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